Monday, August 29, 2011

Distributed Intelligent Control using Hybrid Technology

Distributed-intelligence Lighting Control System coverage of work is specified by the requirements and by drawings. It is described to comprise, but not by method of restriction: Autonomous Mesh Addressable & Intelligent of PLC & RF solid-state or system of mechanical relay,

Relays should be whichever phase-angle dimming or On-Off equipped, On-Off only with an output of Analog 0-10V for ballasts of controlling dimming depending on models. System should be accomplished of logging historical data of all commands and scenarios transmitted, for a phase of more than 2 complete years

System should be capable to incorporate other modules for example:
1. Keypads of PLC & RF Mesh and sensors occupancy, sensors of lux and a variety of other sensors Power type meters up to 2 500 Amps for 120V to 347V
2. Modules of monitoring: configurable as counters of Pulse, or min. 4 inputs, sensors of Dry contact with the capability to originally trigger relays Scenarios to Groups
3. Sensors and actuators of EnOcean

System should recommend the opportunity to host some divide buildings, with architecture of multi-tier software, including a central database server of SQL for scheduling rules editing and modules configurations, and scheduling execution of local servers and data logging history. System should have a graphical user interface able of representing a buildings structure, Rooms, Floors, and placing a variety of modules with an interface of drag & drop in a representation of graphical, using either user-supplied files of .BMP or .JPG.

Quality Assurance
Firms frequently occupied in lighting control equipment manufacture and ancillary equipment capabilities and types required, the products have been in acceptable use in related facility for not fewer than 5 years.
Component Pretesting
All assemblies and components are to be burned in and factory pretested before installation.
System Checkout
Factory educated technicians shall be offered to functionally test on every component in a system programmable after setting up to make sure correct operation and prove that the installation and addressing match to the documentation of installation.
System Support
The engineers of factory applications shall be presented for on site training as well as telephone support.
NEC Compliance
Fulfil with NEC as appropriate to work of electrical wiring.
NEMA Compliance
Fulfil with NEMA standards applicable portions pertaining to electrical equipment and enclosures types.
FCC Emissions
All devices of wireless are to be in fulfilment with Standards of FCC emissions which is specified in Class A application for Part 15 Subpart J.


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