Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Control System for the CSNS Ion

A surface of penning plasma H ion source test defines for the CSNS has been configured at the IHEP. Sequentially to reach a reliable and safe system, almost all devices of the source of ion are planned to have the ability of remote and local function operation. The control system contains tools of EPICS and PLCs real-time software individually monitoring and serving device control, integration of PLC and support OPI.

CSNS stand for China Spallation Neutron Source is an accelerator-based high power project presently under research and development in China. Its accelerator is created of a Linac (linear accelerator) 81 MeV H as the injector and a 1.6 GeV RCS (Rapid Cycling Proton Synchrotron). The source of H ion is one of the linac important parts. A stable, reliable, and good performance source of H ion is the requirement of a linac successfully, accelerator and the CSNS. The source of test ion take the CSNS has been built at the IHEP (Institute of High Energy Physics). It is undertaking design, function and continuous development. The test stand contains a lot of instruments, for example some sets of power supplies, a pump of turbo molecular and a valve of gate. All these instruments of hardware require to be monitored and/or controlled. The system control has been built by utilizing software toolkits of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System). The ion source design and development control based on distributed of PLC and EPICS real-time software tools are presented.

The components of ion source and their architecture of control system
The control system of ion source is two level control system and a local, and it will be connected with the system of remote control using Ethernet in the future. It is created of the controller of front-end, the equipment of field control and the network of Ethernet. The communication between the PC and the PLC utilizes the protocol of TCP/IP based Ethernet, by fitting driver support for Ethernet on EPICS. And it assures a network of high speed for sending vital signals of the system of ion source and giving real-time monitoring and control.

Sequentially to recognize the extendable systems integration, and to set up an operator interface, the software of EPICS is installed and accepted in the PC. The PC running as the controller of front-end is the control of top -level. The soft IOC (input/output controller), OPI (operator interface), and CA (channel access) based on the toolkits of EPICS software, form the upper control system layer.


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