Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Intelligent PLC Module of PU 100

The PU 100 is element of the series of P-open and offers compact functions of PLC for applications of automation requiring distributed intelligence. Separately from real-time processing, the features of unit 16 digital inputs of on-board, and 16 digital I/O which can be constructed independently as inputs or outputs. The PU 100 is perfectly suitable for mounting close to the process in systems of de-centralized with its compact dimensions of 124 x 170 mm, and 85,5 mm in a depth.

The housing is planed for clip-on mounting to standard rails of DIN. The extensions of system are simply implemented by linking up to 6 additional modules of I/O to the PU 100. The links are created with cables which join into the extension bus module (E-bus). The PLC system of resulting complete is connected through the CANbus. The PU 100 is fixed with a complete implementation of CAN/CAN master/slave, plus a master of CANopen implementation as a library for ’C’ and IEC 1131 for programming and communication purposes.

Energization of Selective I/O
Provide of the inputs/outputs is supplied using two terminals at the level of signal. The voltage supply is 24 VDC. The I/O can be separated into 6 groups. This allows the specific I/O group to be stopped by an external switching device means.

Connections of convenient field
The electrical of wiring from the machine or process is got directly to the strips of terminal at modules bottom and top. The strips of terminal are of the plug-in type, enabling system pre-wiring as well as rapid module swap over. In addition, the below options are accessible for the strips of terminal:
• Terminals of screw
• Terminals of screwless clamp spring
• Terminals of crimp.

The I/Os are linked via the principle of 3-wire. The LEDs of front panel designate the status of signal every I/O, and the operational status module. The positions of LED are openly connected with the equivalent I/O’s.

Standard tools of programming
The PU 100 programming is performed with a software Windows-based (95 or NT) and a PC tool. The universal tool of programming is utilized for all modules of PMA’s P-open. The software of programming allows you select depending on your application the mainly convenient way; Function Block Diagram, Instruction List, Ladder Diagram, or the ’C’ of high-level language. If necessary, they offer full support during built of your own specific programs application.


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