Friday, August 19, 2011

Editing Logic as Text by the LD Editor GE Fanuc 90-70 Series

You can go into the logic of LD into the editor of LD by beginning to write correct into a cell. A list of smart shows and you can carry on to write your operands and instructions. The logic you written show in form of customary graphic in the editor of LD when you press ENTER. The logic shows in the editor of LD in the new rung first cell.

A wire of horizontal was put in the first cell to create room for the instruction of ADD_DINT operands and the operands were put in their correct places. The stood of “AD“for “ADD_DINT“, as ADD_DINT is the earliest existing instruction that starts with “AD“ in the list of smart in the keyboard entry. A semicolon divides the instructions of ADD_DINT. The necessary horizontal wires are given automatically. A typing logic powerful extension into the editor of LD is the capability to write LD logic in any editor of text and copy and paste it into the editor of LD, or to copy and paste logic from the editor of LD to an editor of text. You can copy a whole LD logic block from the Navigator to any editor of text, or LD logic copy sections as text from the editor of LD to any editor of text. Then you can change the logic in the editor of text and copy the edited logic back into the editor of LD. A format of verbose is utilized to create it easier to read, but when you edit the logic as text you can use the same shorthand used in the keyboard method of entering logic of LD in the editor of LD when LD logic is copied as text.

To copy a section of LD logic as text
1. Click the right on LD block and select Check Block. This confirms the lock of LD. Error messages show in the Zone of Feedback if the logic includes errors. If the logic has errors, fix them.
2. Choose the cells that include the logic you desire to copy as text in the editor of LD.
3. Click right on the selected logic and select Copy. The logic of LD is copied to the Clipboard of Windows.
4. Paste the Windows Clipboard content into the editor of text. The logic of LD is pasted as text.

To copy text into the LD editorM
1. Choose and copy the text representing the logic of LD to the clipboard of Windows in the text editor.
2. Do one of the following in the editor of LD:
• Choose the cells that you will overwrite, or
• Select the cell that will be at the left upper corner of the logic of LD you want to paste.
3. Click the right and select Paste. Obtainable cells in the editor of LD are overwritten with the Windows clipboard content.

To duplicate or move LD logic
1. Choose a logic range in the editor of LD.
2. To move it:
• Click the selection and move it to a new location.
• Push CTRL while choose the selection, and move the selection to where you desire to put the duplicate. The selection is correspondingly shifted to the new location or a duplicate copy of the selected logic is placed in the new area When you release the mouse button.


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