Friday, August 19, 2011

Working with the LD Editor Online for PACSystems

You can check the Controller but can not amend anything in the Controller or edit your logic when online in monitor mode. The editor of LD animates LD logic to replicate program implementation in the Controller. Data assessments modify characteristically every 250 msec while contacts and coils specify the flow of power. The milliseconds number is set in the target property of Update Rate.

You can amend your logic, build changes in the Controller, and check the Controller when you are online in programmer mode. A lot of GE Fanuc goals also support Run Mode Store; they support the logic downloading to a running goal. Three ways are at your removal to create changes in your logic of LD and download the amends to a running Controller online:
• Test Edit for PACSystems only:
• Changes word-for-word:
• Keep working, go not identical, and download changes.

You can also influence the variables of BOOL during implementation.

Test Edit for PAC System only
Test Edit allows you to carry out performed online programming. It allows you to adjust a block of LD in the LD editor while observing both the modified and original logic, trial the new execution logic on the PACSystems, and after that either maintain the modified logic or roll back to the original one.

To begin editing in Test Edit
1. Create modifying the logic in the LD editor. The dialog box of Logic Change Options comes out.
2. Choose Enter Test Edit Mode and press OK.
The editor of LD is located in mode of Online Edit, with some visual cues to repeat you that a session of Test Edit is in progress. Since Test Edit is a Run Mode Store (RMS) addition, only amends supported for an RMS are supported in the mode of Test Edit. You can check the modified logic at any time.

To start testing the modified logic
1. Press anywhere inside the editor of LD.
2. Select Begin Test from the menu of Debug.
The adapted logic is downloaded to the PACSystems, which subsequently performs the modified logic. The logic original block is kept in memory of PACSystems as an inactive block. You currently have 3 probable action courses:
• Abandon mode of Test Edit and reinstate the original logic in PACSystems.
• Agree to the amends you commit and tested them to the PACSystems.
• Abandon the test and go on editing the logic while in mode of Test Edit.

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