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Logic Programs and Blocks of GE Fanuc Controller

P r o g r a m Types
All the logic that is downloaded to a Controller comprises one program for most GE Fanuc Controllers. Nevertheless, there are cases when differences need to be finished. Thus, you can talk of a Motion program, a main program, and a C program. Every C program is an executable code named section. The Motion program and the main program include blocks; that is executable code, named sections that can be written in a variety of languages. The Navigator Project tab includes all of the programs:
• The major program and its blocks exist in the folder of Program Blocks. You can make subfolders of user-defined to additional arrange these blocks.
• C programs exist in the folder of Logic.
• The program of Motion exists in the folder of Motion Program.

Main Program
Most GE Fanuc Controllers support only a main program. The main program contains of a logic block namely _MAIN and alternative, found under the folder of Program Blocks in the GE Fanuc Controller target Logic folder a:
1. Called blocks built up in a variety of languages:
- Blocks of Ladder Diagram (LD)
- Blocks of Function Block Diagram (FBD)
- Blocks of Instruction List (IL)
- Blocks of Structured Text (ST)
- Blocks of C
2. Called blocks of parameterized such as ST, FBD, LD, and/or C.
3. Blocks of Interrupt such as FBD, C, LD, ST, and/or IL planned to perform at firm time periods or when particular memory lists achieve firm values.
4. UDFBs stands for User-defined function blocks in FBD, LD, and ST, of which autonomous instances with their own structures of data and local memory can be applied in logic.

The block of _MAIN can be in a variety of languages, according to the family of Controller or model.

Series 90™-70 CPUs firmware version 6.00 and later support either the a variety of C programs, main program, or a combination of a C programs and main program. You download these a variety of programs to the Controller jointly as logic; subsequent to you start a download, a box of dialog presents you with 3 Download to options of RAM and you choose the option of Logic. If there is no block of _MAIN, it means no main program. In this condition, you would have only one or more C programs and perhaps a variety of interrupt blocks standalone. These interrupt blocks standalone do not comprise a main program if there is no block of _MAIN.


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