Thursday, August 18, 2011

Choose the Popular Controller Series from Siemens PLC

Siemens PLC has a long history in automation industry. This is because the controllers they provide have a good quality and suit to use in any kinds of industries. They also provide a familiar and advanced program to be adjusted with any application systems in industries. They are also well known for their various series of controllers that users can select which controller suitable with their need. One of the most popular controllers series from Siemens is S7-300.

S7-300 Series from Siemens PLC
S7-300 is one of the controller’s series that is popular because of its virtues. This popular series from Siemens PLC becomes best seller. This series interest many factories to use it because it provides succesful solutions for any problem that may arise in automation systems. Having this series in your factory make you feel secure just in case problems arise during an operation. Troubleshooting is provided by this controller system. S7-300 is also interesting because it has configuration that is centralized and distributed with low cost and integrated system solutions. Considering these virtues, choosing this series of Siemens controllers will give you many advantages for your company.

Application Using S7-300 from Siemens PLC
Another virtue of S7-300 is that this series can be used for many applications in many industries. This kind of series from Siemens PLC is proven to be the best and suitable with any industry system. Among the applications that are used S7-300 series controller are machine building, automotive industry, packaging industry and plastic processing. Food and beverages industry is also used this series controller and many more industries as well. As previously mentioned they use this series because of its virtues and are easy to install.

Installing this controller series is not really difficult. In addition, they allow the modular configuration with space saving in the machine controllers. They also can be adapted with any task and you do not need to take slot rules. Besides, you do not need to use fan during an operation in your factory. This makes the installation so much easier. You only need a DIN rail to swing the modules into place and secure them with screws. Having placed the modules, you can then start the configuration that is compatible with electromagnet. Apart from the modules, you also need S7-300 CPU. The CPU variant that you need to use is failsafe CPU, technology CPU, compact CPU and standard CPU. This is all about S7-300 series controller from Siemens PLC.


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