Thursday, August 18, 2011

Planning Programs on GE Fanuc Controllers

The program as a complete cannot be planned on GE Fanuc Controllers that support only main program. The execution of logic starts with the block of _MAIN, every scan. You can plan logic individual interrupt blocks but not the block of _MAIN. When you perform a main program and a Motion program on a PACSystems RX3i with a firmware version of 2.80 or later, or on a Controller of Series 90- 30 with a firmware of CPU version 10.00 and later, you cannot plan the programs because they are performed parallel in two dissimilar locations.
• The execution of logic of s with the main program of the _MAIN block in the CPU, every scan.
• The Motion program performs separately of CPU scan times in the Motion Mate DSM314 or DSM324i module.
• You can plan individual logic interrupt blocks in the main program, except the _MAIN block. The firmware of Series 90™-70 CPUs version 6.00 and later support development programs. You can plan any program, even the main program on targets that include such CPUs. The execution of logic of any scan does not have to start with the main program of the _MAIN block: you can plan any C program to start the scan logic execution part. You can more schedule individual logic interrupt blocks, except the _MAIN block within the main program. If your logic has no _MAIN block, If you have no main program, that is, you can still have stand-alone blocks of interrupt that you can plan individually.

To schedule the programs execution on a Series 90-70
1. Right-click the _MAIN LD block or a C program, and select Properties in the Navigator Project tab. The Inspector shows the properties of program. The properties of main program, Scheduling, Stack Size, and Program Name, are displayed together with the _MAIN block’s individual block properties.
2. Enlarge the property of Scheduling in the Inspector.
3. Choose a Mode of Schedule.
4. Choose the other properties in the schedule mode which you selected.
5. Press OK.

To make a folder of user-defined
1. Enlarge the target with the main program to manage and then increase the folder of Logic in the Navigator Project tab.
2. Click the right the folder of Program Blocks, point out New, and select Folder.
3. Enter a new folder name, which have to be unique amid the folders under the parent folder.


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