Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Internet TRiLOGI Programmable Super PLCs

The very great and simple to program M-series PLCs have turn into the definitive option amongst a lot of OEMs. The proprietary programming language of Ladder+BASIC hybrid is really popular with users. A lot of features provided by the M-series PLCs for example Digital and Analog I/Os, stepper motor controls, PWMs, high speed encoder inputs, Interrupts, real-time clock, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), MODBUS compatibility, PID control, etc. And the affordably low price of the PLCs is a real extra.

Now, they are adding all the above with the PLCs of Internet-Programmable Super. The day has come when more and more users guess their equipment of production to be observed or programmed tenuously on-line round the clock. And they can build that a reality at this time

Internet TRiLOGI is simple to operate that take you not more than 10 minutes after opening the starter kit of Internet PLC to begin checking the PLC using the Internet. The same client/server editor software of TRiLOGI Ladder+BASIC is being operated for local PLC programming as well as distant programming through the Internet. Hence, you don’t require particular training to distantly program the PLC through the Internet. You acquire to have the same user interface and the full power software of the TRiLOGI both over the Internet or locally connected.

The software of Internet TRiLOGI also runs as a post office to allow any linked PLCs to send the email. The content of email and the trigger of event for sending the email are wholly identified by the programmer. Currently start discussion about cutting edge control technology and Smart Machines. The latest client/server software of Internet TRiLOGI allows the M-series.

Internet Programmability advantages
• Program the PLC to email occasionally or ahead convinced event happening
• Set Visitor, User and Programmer into 3 different access levels to infinite number of users
• Save on the travel cost due to it is able to remote troubleshooting
• Upgrade user’s equipment can be updated by Software of Remote

4 steps to make the PLC online
1. Link the RS232 port of M-series PLC’s to any Linux PC or Windows or workstation.
2. Link the PC to the Internet using networking method, such as, cable modem, dial up, T1 line, or DSL.
3. Run the software of TLServer on the PC. This PC currently turns into a web-server which provides the client and data files of TRiLOGI when contacted by the web browser from other computers.
4. Use web browser for example IE5, Firefox or Netscape4 from any computer on the Intranet or Internet.

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