Tuesday, August 2, 2011

M-series PLCs Standard Features

1. 2-channel of 32-bit HSC, High Speed Counters, calculate up to 10,000 Hz.
2. 4-channel of Interrupt Inputs.
3. 2-channel of the inputs pulse measurement accomplished for measuring frequency and incoming pulse-width pulses up to 10,000 Hz.
4. Clock/Calendar of Real time for multiple programming scheduled events of ON/OFF.
5. 10-bit Analog Inputs up to 8 channels.
6. 8-bit Analog Outputs up to 2 channels.
7. 2-channel of Programmable Motion Controllers for stepper motors controlling up to 20,000 pps.
8. 2-channel of PWM, Pulse Width Modulated, outputs.
9. One independent port of RS485 for connecting or for networking to external peripherals for example RS485-based analog I/O cards and display of LCD, etc.
10. Standard Protocols of Industry: Both serial ports of RS485 and RS232 support multiple protocols of communication as following:
i) Host Link Commands of Native ASCII based
ii) RTU protocols of MODBUS
iii) ASCII Protocols of MODBUS
iv) Host Link Commands of OMRON C20H.
v) protocol of EMIT 3.0 from emWare Inc.
11. WDT, Watch-Dog Timer which rearranges the PLC if the CPU malfunctions because of software or hardware error.
12. Program Memory of EEPROM 6016 Words.
13. User's data of EEPROM 1700 Words (16-bit).
14. PID, Proportional, Integral and Derivative digital control type for automation process.
15. One autonomous port of RS232 for link to a PC host for programming or controlling.

The particular most significant benefit of the M-Series PLC is that they are extremely easy to program. You will discover that the T100MD+ programming using the software of TRiLOGI is much simpler than any other alike jobs you have ever practiced.

It is no require for long sessions of training only to study to attach the all the built-in power of hardware. The unparalleled programming simplicity is distributed by our extremely commended programming Simulator, Editor, and Compiler software of TRiLOGI. This software smartly combines the industry’s two mainly trendy programming languages – BASIC and Ladder Logic into a single, faultless creature. Similar to all PLCs, a T100MD+ works industry-standard programming language of ladder logic. But its largest advance allows you to simply make your own Custom Function using the very admired language of BASIC and next fix the Custom Function to the program of ladder as a coil function which will be carried out when the execution situation is right.

You can use the capable, easy to recognize relay ladder language for programming the logic of ON/OFF. The full BASIC language power is accessible for handling intensive computationally jobs for example integer arithmetic 32-bit, string processing at the same time. The accessibility of many powerful incorporated functions creates programming its particular I/Os a draft.

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