Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PAC Systems RX7I Configuration

Some families of GE Fanuc Controller and variety interfaces of GE Fanuc remote I/O supported by Logic Developer PLC with various modules, CPUs, and racks for each. The hardware of GE Fanuc Controller has to be constructed with Logic Developer PLC or several tool of GE Fanuc in order to operate. The Logic Developer PLC HWC component gives a method to construct your target equipment. The first step in the hardware configuring of Controller is to choose the Controller you desire to construct. You can utilize a template of project enclosing a default Configuration of Hardware, or you can make an empty project and construct it manually when making a new project.

The PAC Systems RX7i contains a main rack and up to seven extension racks. The PAC Systems RX7i sustains a few main racks types of. It supports 5 Series 90™-70 types of expansion racks. All major racks and extension racks support a few non-intelligent fan kits of Series 90™-70. Slot 0 supports one of the modules of power supply. Slots 1 and 2 are utilized to address a CPU of double-width. PAC Systems RX7i supports a few models of CPU. Every CPU of PAC Systems RX7i has an entrenched adapter of Ethernet. Other than the adapter of Ethernet, up to 7 modules of IC698ETM001 Ethernet can be installed in a main rack of PAC Systems RX7i. The modules of Ethernet live in only one slot.

Most modules of Series 90-70 are supported by PAC Systems RX7i. Most modules of Series 90-70 are double-width, they live in 2 slots on the main rack, but they live in only a slot on an expansion rack of Series 90-70. You can publicize the modules of double-width into any two neighboring the main rack slots except slots 0, 1, or 2. Since slot 17 is a slot with double-width, any module in slot 17 lives in only slot 17. PAC Systems RX7i supports the below modules of Series 90-70 bus expansion:
• IC687BEM713
• IC697BEM713
• IC697BEM711
Series 90™-70 Genius Bus Controllers is also supported by PAC Systems RX7i, which support many devices of Genius.

The defaulting Hardware Configuration contains of the major rack, with a single CPU in slots 1 and 2 and a power supply in slot 0 when you make a target with a rack system of PAC Systems RX7i. You can restore the power supply default and CPU, and add modules with single-width or double-width.

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