Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tools of PLC Proficy Machine Edition

The project development of this tool is supported by the tools of Machine Edition. Every tool is released by means of a button on the toolbar of Tools. An explanation of every tool’s function is provided as following.

The Navigator is a tool of docking window including a set of tabs. Every tab shows information about your system of development in a hierarchical tree structure alike to Windows Explorer. The existing tabs according to which products of Machine Edition you have installed and what type of work you are managing or developing. The tab of Project displays the overall application.

Feedback Zone
The window of Feedback Zone is a landing window utilized to show several kinds of output information produced by components of Machine Edition. This window interactive utilizes the tabs category to manage the output produced from the products of Machine Edition you have installed.

The Inspector records the properties and current settings for a chosen element or object. You can revise these properties straight in the Inspector. When you choose some objects, the Inspector window records the common properties to all of them. The window of Inspector gives a simple viewing method and setting properties for all objects of Machine Edition.

Data Watch
The tool of Data Watch is a run-time tool of debugging that allows you to check and edit the variables values. This tool is helpful while running online to a target. You can check character variables or user-defined records of variables with the tool of Data Watch. Data Watch records can be exported, imported, or stored with a project.

The Toolchest is a controlling objects storehouse you can put in to your project. You can pull directly most items from the Toolchest into the editors of Machine Edition. You can select from predefined objects or make your own fxClasses reusable. The Toolchest puts in right object-oriented ability to Machine Edition.

The Companion gives helpful information and tips when you work. While the Companion is release, it follows your moves and shows help on anything item is presently chosen in the environment of Machine Edition. It is context-perceptive and shows an explanation of anything you select in Machine Edition.

The InfoViewer is an entrenched Web browser utilized mostly to show the following:
• Help of Machine Edition.
• Reports of Machine Edition.
• The documentation related with a target or project.
If you are recognizable with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, after that you are already recognizable with the fundamental interface of InfoViewer. The InfoViewer is context-responsive. Push F1 to find help on any item you choose in the environment of Machine Edition.

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