Monday, August 15, 2011

Variables PACSystems of PLC Proficy

A variable is a namely the space storage for data. That is, the name of variable corresponds to a location of memory in the Controller target. The method in which the variable corresponds to a location of memory is decided by the amount of the property corresponds to variable’s Ref Address. A property corresponds to variables Ref Address can be located to some of the following:
• An address of reference, for instance, %R00001. This is the memory location of GE Fanuc Controller that includes the value of variable. This can be a register of I/O or a register of internal memory on the Controller.
• A blank. On a PACSystems, if you go away a property blank of variable's Ref Address, the variable is a representative variable. Machine Edition holds the mapping for you in a PACSystems special portion of user memory space. You can not leave the property blank of Ref Address on Series 90 and Controllers of VersaMax.
• An I/O variable address, for instance %IX0.6.0.1. for PACSystems only. This corresponds to the Hardware Configuration of PACSystems terminal that includes a value of I/O variable. For instance, this can be an analog I/O point or physical discrete on a Genius device or module, an analog or discrete status came back by the global data, or module.
• A name. This builds the present variable an alias the name variable, that is, a variable that points to the equal location of memory as the name. The below names may be applicable:
1. The parameterized LD block parameter name, it is provided the alias variable is local to the similar block)
2. The index and name of an element of array, for instance, MyComplexArray.
3. The structure element name, for instance, MyStructure.MyElement
4. The other variable name that is not utilized as a variable of alias.

The structure variables of arrays and compound are maintained by Machine Edition. The definitions of variable can be imported from and exported to various types of file. You can revise your variables in a worksheet and after that import them. The Variables is used on targets of PACSystems must be published externally in sequence to be watched in Proficy View. The Ref Address and other variable, for example Data Type, are constructed in the Inspector. The illustration of the Inspector is showing a characteristic set of the properties variable.

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