Saturday, August 27, 2011

PLC Functionality from Technosoft

The ISCM8005 and ISCM4805 are latest servo modules with high performance intelligent from Technosoft, joining motion controller, functionality of PLC and drive in a compacted unit. The modules of ISCM are cost effective, compact solutions, and flexible, mainly modified for of brushless, DC, linear or motor stepper distributed and coordinated control of voltages up to 80V, with powers up to 240W. Characteristic applications comprise control of distributed motor with gearing and electronic CAM functions possibilities in an operation of CAN network.

The structure of ISCM hardware is according to a cost optimized integrating of design all the fundamental functions of motor control on one credit card format of double-sided targeted for applications of medium to high volume. An I/O signals series, both analogue and digital, are existing for simple application interfacing. A whole set of high-level instructions of TML (Technosoft Motion Language) allow to identify and begin sequences of complex motion from your PC, host, or to execute motion sequences of pre-stored chosen from I/O lines, in a mode of individual.

The ISCM Embedded Intelligence assists the programming and configuration of the module throughout a high level interface of graphical as the Studio of EasyMotion. The ISCM intelligent servo module of configuration, tuning and programming is easy using the Technosoft EasyMotion Studio of powerful graphical.

System parameterization and configuration are carried out by the choice and test of system motor, sensors and structure type and mode of control.
• PLC embedded intelligence and functionality with fully digital servo drive
• Appropriate for brushless AC DC brush, brushless DC, linear and step of two-phase motors
• The design of open frame available in DIN-rail version
• A variety modes of control as:
- Position, speed or control
- Contouring, profiling, electronic gearing
- Emulation of step motor
- Control capabilities of external variables
• TML (Technosoft Motion Language) with powerful instruction set for motion description and execution sequences in:
- Multi Single or axis control
- Individual operation with Stored Motion sequences
• Serial communication of RS-232
• Programmable I/O analog and digital
- 5 to 8 programmable I/Os
- Interface of digital Halls Differential and quadrature encoder
- Interface with Linear Hall sensors
• Power supply Motor 80V - ISCM8005, or 48V - ISCM4805,
• Capability of high current
• Short circuit, earth fault, over current, I2t, over and under-voltage, control error Protection
• pitch edge connector of 2.54 mm
• Available Firmware options and Custom hardware

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