Sunday, August 28, 2011

About the MicroSmart Programmable Logic Controller

The MicroSmart of IDEC’s is a new micro programmable logic controllers family available in two types of CPU modules; all in one and slim types. The all in one type module of CPU has I/O of 10, 16, or 24 terminals and is provided with a built-in general power supply to work on 100 to 24V DC or 240V AC. The 24-I/O type module of CPU can enlarge the points of I/O up to a total of 88 points by using four 16-point modules of I/O. The module of slim type CPU has 20 or 40 terminals of I/O and works on 24V DC. The total points of I/O can be extended to a 264maximum. The MicroSmart user programs can be amended using WindLDR. As WindLDR can load accessible user programs created for IDEC’s previous PLCs for example all FA series, MICRO-X and Controller of OpenNet, your software benefits can be utilized in the new system control.

The modules of all in one type CPU program capacity is 4,800 bytes on the 10 type module of I/O CPU, 15,000 bytes) on the 16- type of I/O, and 27,000 bytes on the 24- type of I/O. modules Slim type of CPU have a 27,000 bytes or 31,200 bytes program capacity. The program capacity can be extended up to 64,500 bytes when using an optional memory cartridge of 64KB on slim type module of CPU.

The features of MicroSmart four powerful functions of communication.

Link of Computer
The I/O status and operating status can be checked on the computer, the CPU data can be checked or renewed, and user programs can be uploaded and downloaded when a module of MicroSmart CPU is linked to a computer. All modules of CPU (except for the all in one 10-I/O type) can set up a computer link system of 1:N to join a maximum of modules of 32 CPU to a computer.

Communication of User
All modules of MicroSmart CPU can be connected to external devices of RS232C for example barcode readers, computers, and printers, using the function of user communication. The user communication of RS485 also exists on upgraded modules of CPU slim relay output of 20-I/O and types of 40-I/O.

Communication of Modem
All modules of MicroSmart CPU (except for the all in one 10-I/O type) can correspond via modems using the protocol of built-in modem.

Link of Data
All modules of MicroSmart CPU (except for the all in one type of 10-I/O) can develop a system of data link. One module of CPU at the master station can correspond with 31 slave stations throughout a line of RS485 to switch over data and carry out distributed control effectively.


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