Sunday, August 28, 2011

Special Functions of MicroSmart PLC

The features of MicroSmart a variety of special functions packed in the small housing.

Inputs of Reset and Stop
The input terminal on the module of CPU can be selected as an input of reset or stop to control the operation of MicroSmart. The operator can choose whether the CPU initiates to run or not to avoid unwanted operation at the subsequently startup when data to be kept such as “keep” selected counter values are out of order while the CPU is powered down. Clear or Keep CPU Data Designation, relays of internal, bits of shift register, values of counter current, and values of data register can be selected to be cleared or kept when the CPU is powered down.

Counter of High-speed
The MicroSmart has 4 counters of built-in high-speed to create it possible to calculate up to 65,535 (FFFFh) pulses of high-speed which can not be calculated by the normal processing of user program. One counter of high-speed or two counters of high-speed can be utilized as either single-phase or two-phase counters of high-speed at a 20 kHz maximum count input frequency. Two or three others are single-phase counters of high-speed with a 5 kHz maximum counting frequency.

Catch Input
4 inputs can be utilized as catch inputs. The catch input builds certain to get short input pulses from sensors with no consider to the scan time.

Interrupt Input
4 inputs can be utilized as interrupt inputs. When a fast response to an input of external is required, for example positioning control, the interrupt input can identify a subroutine to perform a program of interrupt.

Timer Interrupt
The timer interrupt can be utilized to call a subroutine frequently at prearranged intervals of 10 throughout 140 msec when a rhythmic operation is needed.

Filter Input
The filter input can be accustomed for 8 inputs to eliminate input noises. Selectable values of input filter to bypass input signals are 0 msec, and 3 throughout 15 msec in 1-msec increases. The filter input eliminates inputs shorter than the chosen value of input filter minus 2 msec. This function is helpful for reducing input noises and babble in limit switches.

Download Partial Program
Generally, the module of CPU has to be discontinued before user program downloading. All modules of CPU have run-time capabilities of program download to download a user program including small changes while the CPU is running in either computer link system of 1:1 or 1:N. This function is mainly helpful to create small modifications to the user program and authenticate the adjusts while the CPU is working.


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