Friday, August 26, 2011

Standard for Micro Controllers from MicroSmart Pentra

MicroSmart Pentra PLC is the best microcontroller existing in its class. The general speed of processing of the new CPU of Logic Engine is 16 times quicker than the average controller of competitor for execution of simple instruction, and above 14 times quicker when performing advanced order sets. Get quicker scan times and enhanced throughput.

CPU of MicroSmart Pentra is the majority controllers of full-featured in the PLCs IDEC family. How many dissimilar methods could you place them to utilize Floating Point Math and Supports Double Word.

Find the numbers you require with data processing of 32-bit from billions to one-millionth. The MicroSmart Pentra supports storing and capturing large amounts, floating point math and double-word operations, and returning calculated results precise to seven places of decimal. It’s quicker; it needs fewer maintenance and offers you more accurate data.

Modbus Master and Slave Built-in
IDEC supports standard protocols of communication for devices of industrial electronic.

Firmware Field-Upgradeable
Expand your PLC life, improve your firmware unit on-site as new versions and functions become accessible.

Maximum 512 I/O
Select from 23 different modules of snap-on development to make the ideal system.

100 kHz Outputs and Counters
MicroSmart has included inputs with high-speed and 100 kHz maximum frequency and 32-bit capability of data processing, and can arrange up to 3 high-speed outputs. Your choices comprise 4-20mA, 0-10V, thermocouple, RTD, inputs of thermistor and output ±10V.

Auto-Tuning of 56 PID Loops
To bring unparalleled stability and accuracy to your process by using MicroSmart in conjunction with PID.

7 Ports of Communication
The RS232C is integrated to each CPU of MicroSmart. If you require other ports, add one of the accessible expansion or adapters modules; the models of MicroSmart Pentra can contain up to a total of seven ports of communication. Plug in printers, bar code readers, or any well-suited devices, and run.

Extended Memory
• Data Registers for 48,000
• Internal Relays for 2048
• Timers for 256
• Counters for 256
• Programming Capacity for 62.4 K

More Features for MicroSmart
• existing in traditional style of brick and slimmer, book style of space-saving
• Embedded I/O: every base model CPU is prepared with fixed configurations of I/O.
• 24V DC power or 100-240V AC
• Memory cartridge for transport and backup program (Optional)
• The module of HMI to simply check and modify your parameters of controller (Optional)
• time-based applications of real-time clock cartridge (Optional)
• etc.


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