Friday, September 16, 2011

Compact Control System of Mitsubishi Multiple PLC

Basic Models of Q00J, Q00, Q01CPUs The basic QCPU model can reach a high performance compact system, high functions and outstanding cost presentation utilized with the I/O of Q series and modules of intelligent function.

Features :
Compact PLC having high-level functions
1. The direct I/O points maximum number is 1024, and the I/O points maximum number including I/O points of remote is 2048. A system having up to 4 extension bases can be organized.
2. Device memory of 18k-word and file registers of 32k-word, Q00/Q01CPU only, are prepared as standard.
3. Operation of ROM can be carried out by the CPU with no a card memory being used with built-in flash ROM.
4. The capacityV program is two times as large measured up to the AnSH with compact instruction codes utilized.
5. The speed of processing is 5 times faster than the AnSH in terms of the value of PC MIX. Instruction of LD 0.10μsec or more, instruction of MOV 0.35μsec or more.
6. The bus of high-speed system allows fast data swap over with the network modules and intelligent function.

Compact, space-saving unit
1. The Q00JCPU is a unit containing of a module of CPU, a module of power supply and a main base unit.
2. A compact system can be organized by linking the extension base of Q5_B to the Q00JCPU.
3. The Q00JCPU can be utilized to construct a system containing of a main base, an extension base and a bus connection (GOT).
*The Q00JCPU main base does not allow the connector box of bus extension (A9GT-QCNB).

The function built of serial communication in the CPU
The port of RS-232 the module of CPU is comprised as standard with the function of serial communication (Q00/Q01CPU only). This allows direct link of a display, personal computer, similar external device or monitor.

CC-Link Improved usability
You can create CC-Link and energize data without setting parameters with a start of automatic CC-Link. Therefore decreasing the time for setting up.

System Configuration of Multiple PLC
The Q series can use a multiple system of PLC where multiple CPUs of high-performance are loaded on the same main base to handle I/O and modules of intelligent function CPU-by-CPU in a control system. You can select CPUs based on your application in the multiple system of PLC. Inter-CPU communication utilizes two techniques, cyclical communication, which utilizes automatic energizing for intervallic communication, and momentary communication, which utilizes committed instructions for communications with the system of multi-CPU. This system lets the series control and processing of data that were typically executed by a single CPU to be allocated by multiple dedicated CPUs, improving performance and speed in the total system and increasing its range of application.


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