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PLC Educational Equipment for PLC Applications from Feedback PLC

Preliminary program situations can be located by selection of switched. This enables the several different programs development that can be utilized as conditional jumps, according to how the preliminary conditions have been located. Using switches of push-button to imitate break off conditions, for example unbalanced drum load, more difficult control problems can be built.

Features of Washing Machine
• Shows sequential of control
• preliminary process conditions can be located
• Shows the use of easy interrupts
• Low cost

Curriculum Coverage
• Basics of logic fundamentals of PLC programming
• Build Ladder Logic Programs
• Timers of programming
• Control Traffic Signal

• Control of timed sequence
• Control of interrupt device
• Simple to understand the process
• Low cost

This easy sequence application enables control of traffic light a cross-roads to be applied on a basis of timed sequence. The program control can be added developed to manage with interrupts produced from off-peak vehicle detector inputs or pedestrian crossing requests.
Curriculum Coverage
• Counters of programming
• Conditions of initial setting
• Process control of time based

Use of emergency stop and interrupts
PLC programs are accessible for Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, and Siemens. The additional difficulty of this system of dual conveyor lets better study of PLCs in systems of process control. More complicated control scenarios can be built in using timers and counters combinations with zone control and master functions. The unit of self-contained includes a board of interface and a range of sensors, power supply, and actuators of solenoid, including an unit of height gauging. The circuits of interface let the system of conveyor to be operated from any industrial standard of PLC using logic levels of 24V dc. There are links offered on the board of interface to drive the optional Unit of Diameter Gauging.

Optional Diameter Gauging Unit 34-110
The addition of a second gauge unit to measure component diameter allows programs of greater complexity to be developed. The programming of the detector is an excellent introduction to the use of logical detectors for in-process inspection and quality control.

Features PLC 34-120
• Selection of part by using logical detection
• Sensors of opto-electronic and induction
• Assembly process and component sort
• Interfaces to most types of PLC
• Complete manual courseware

Curriculum Coverage:
• Basics of logic PLC programming fundamentals
• Build programs of ladder logic
• Timers programming
• Counters programming

Control systems structure
• Programs sequencer
• Jump of subroutines and instructions
• Combined timer and counter functions practices of PLC installation

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