Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DVP PLC Programming Software

1. Software supports Windows based: it is simple to study and use. You could utilize all roles with the aid file give by WPLsoft.
2. Complete statements: with device statement, part and row statement, to have big ease to interpret ladder diagram program. Nearby, device statement could be copied to data Excel for use. You could also duplicate data Excel to statement area for programming simply.
3. Concept of project: Use hierarchical technique to show information of PLC internal system (including parameters system, linked peripheral, program settings and area visually to build all information of PLC clearly. It is a big convenience to program improvement and protection.
4. Response of communication time setting: For user to place time-out and repeat times to check with no disconnection by working environment interfering. It also could sense scan time of communication baud rate for auto connection quickly.
5. Clock setting real time: For user-identified time or time setting computer.
6. Diversity connections: It offers two connection technique: direct link and Modem correlation. The frequent use-direct link offers different baud rate setting and could up to 115200 bps to cut down program time upload/download. It also offers monitor function of real-time and programming function on-line to implement on-line revise instruction directly after compiling with no stopping PLC, downloading program, running PLC again to cut down development time program and modified time.
7. Offer 3 types of language: sequential function chart, Instruction, and Ladder. These 3 languages could transfer to another. Interface of editor is the same as universal editor and simple to study and use. It could also enter and store with no successful compiler at any time.
8. Fixed diversity device editors of PLC: with file register and devices MSTCD.
9. On-line function of auxiliary:
• Protocol setting of RS-485 - you should place protocol of communication control register D1120 before set the serial communication.
• Generator of LRC/CRC – master has to compute serial data checksum value when designing Modbus serial communication.
• Copy PLC service – It offers program concept of package. And you can interpret important information of PLC internal and store to a file, it is called package of program, including all important system and program or duplicate to other PLC after final reading.
• Special wizard of instruction – offers setting of a variety of special instructions, including control of PID, high-speed I/O. User can finish structure of program simply by filling table. For new user, that is a simple and comprehensive learning technique. That is simple way to set with no miscellaneous setting of inquiry and memory for programmer.

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