Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CELCIUX° Multi loop temperature controller Using PLC

CelciuX° is a modular, new, temperature controller with multi-channel that interfaces to a large range of industrial networks. It has simple program, fewer communication with HMI and Omron and non Omron PLCs. And it integrates easy to use and smart technology of temperature control, while unique Gradient Temperature Control or GTC of Omron algorithm creates it able of handling complicated profiles of temperature.

Beginning with one end of unit, up to 16 units of temperature control can be additional to make a system. Even with placement distribution with multiple end-units, development up to 250 loops is potential. A unit with high function can be added for GTC or for communications of program-less or fieldbus. PC software builds it easy to set parameters and to duplicate the same parameters in numerous units or to copy systems.

Technology of proven control
The CelciuX° has the elasticity to support a lot of applications. The methodology of 2-PID control has established itself. The fast and consistent auto tuning algorithms decrease time of commissioning. The CelciuX° also provides special algorithms like GTC can check your heater status for phase 1 or 3, or decrease peak currents with output scheduling ‘on’.

Easy integration and simple connectivity
You can simply incorporate the CelciuX° into your application because it interfaces with an industrial networks large range. And when using more instrumentation of Omron there is an extra advantage because the CelciuX° is the building block of temperature-control for Omron’s Smart Platform. The Smart Platform gives full machine automation from software and one single connection. The Library of Smart Active Parts offers functional graphical objects for HMI of OMRON’s NS-series and a smart function blocks library for PLCs allows simple yet robust communications with the systems of CelciuX°. Furthermore, the driver of CX-server builds it possible to attach to CX-Server OPC and CX-Supervisor Machine View, carrying connectivity of SCADA to the CelciuX°. A large range of the connections of industrial fieldbus is possible, from RTU Modbus, all the method up to Profibus. It is potential to attach the CelciuX° to PLC of Omron or non-Omron with no programming the protocol of communication with the addition of the HFU. The Celciux° works as a master and moves the data into the memory area of PLC, ready for the PLC to use.

The machine control of multi-loop with HMI
Overview, control, and data-logging could not be simpler with the CelciuX° in mixture with a straight connection to the HMIs of Omron. The utilize graphical library of Omron of the Smart Active Parts decreases engineering time. Also linking to non-Omron HMI over the serial interface of Modbus is another a lot of options of the CelciuX°.

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