Thursday, September 22, 2011

The MELSEC-Q Series PLC CPU Upgrade

1. Standard capacity of RAM enlarged by 4 times
The standard RAM capacity in the Q25HCPU and Q12HCPU has been enlarged from 32k of words to 128k of words. This allows the RAM standard to utilize more registers file and limited devices. The following results are currently potential simply by adjusting the local device settings in the RAM standard for those customers who up till nowadays have had to put the registers of file and local devices in cards of memory due to inadequate capacity of memory in the RAM standard.
• Decrease scan time of QCPU
• Cost decreases (cards of memory no longer required)

2. Overwriting on the standard ROM
It is made likely with the card of memory. The automatic write to standard function of ROM repeatedly writes the sequence programs and parameters already saved in the card of memory crossways to the standard of QCPU's ROM. The easy programs amendment away from the site of local.
• GX Developer PCs are not necessary for programs installation. It is no longer needed to get a personal computer when programs installation modified by the office design into the local sites of QCPU.
• It is only required to send a card of memory to isolated sites. The local user only requires inserting the card of memory into the QCPU. The cards of ATA are helpful for cards of memory.
• Reduction from the lost of program by battery out.
• Simple to run the data from a PC.

3. Possible to debug the QCPU during operations.
The external inputs/outputs forced ON/OFF is a function that allows the Developer of GX to compulsorily switch the input and output ON and OFF whilst the QCPU is running.
• [Forced ON/OFF of external input]
The forced function OFF can locate the system at OFF with no disconnecting the lines of external when the sensor stays ON.
• [Forced ON/OFF of external output]
By compulsorily setting the output signal of warning alarm for another facilities to OFF while it stays ON during facility start-up, it is probable to determine the system error and carry on with test operations.

4. Possible to limit contact from external sources
• The password of remote avoids remote users from illegitimately accessing the QCPU from locations of remote. The password of remote set will be keyed in into the QCPU as a parameter.
• The passwords of remote are created possible throughout combinations of the below modules.
" The modules of serial communication function version B
" The modules of Ethernet function version B


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