Thursday, September 22, 2011

VT MODEM Interfaces with the OMRON C200HX PLC using OMRON’s CX Programmer Software

The information in this article was made from OMRON Electronics, in response to same requirements from various users. It particulars the interfacing procedure of SIXNET for Modems of Industrial Telephone with a programmable logic controller of C200HX OMRON and a remote PC running software of CX Programmer. In the lead successful completion of this set of connections, the user remote will be capable to program a PLC C200HX through a connection of telephone modem.
Modem local: modem linked to CX Programmer of PC running.
Modem remote: modem linked to PLC.

Software and Hardware utilized:
• PC Desktop which supports Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT from Microsoft
• Industrial Modems of SIXNET, Part No: VT MODEM 1US
• Setup Wizard v1.15 of SIXNET VT MODEM
• Serial cable with Part No: VT-CABLE-MDM
• Programmable logic controller of OMRON C200HX-CPU64-E
• Cable for PC to PLC of Omron
• Cable for Modem to PLC of Omron
• Software of CX Programmer v1.1 from OMRON
• Standard Modem 28.8 Kbps of Microsoft’s driver that installed to Windows computer.
• The connections of phone line analog at both ends, but digital lines may not work. It is suggested that if possible the line of analog should not be in retreat throughout a PBX system.

Setup Procedure of Modem (SIXNET VT-MODEM-1)
Use Setup Wizard of SIXNET’s VT-MODEM to construct both modems:
Note: In order on how to utilize Wizard Modem Setup, please discuss with the SIXNET VTMODEM online assist guide placed on the CD of SIXNET in the Product Catalog. Modems are arranged by linking the directly through cable, VT-CABLE-MDM, which approaches as part of the package of Industrial Modem, to the serial port of the PC and the serial port on the modem, e.q.COM4. Screen shots exposed on pages two and three of this file detail arrangement of both local and remote modems – the similar file of configuration was utilized with both modems. The configuration was stored to hard drive with file name omron_c200hx_vtmdm1.6m” it is available on CD-ROM and recycle to construct the local modem before the remote modem writing settings.

Subsequent to successfully marks locations to the modems, de-power modems and attach to PC and PLC. Install driver of modem to Windows using Standard 28800 bps Modem of Microsoft driver before running software - CX Programmer – the VT-MODEM runs with this driver.


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