Friday, September 23, 2011

The Features of NS-Runtime from OMRON

The NS-Runtime is software that offers functions alike to the Series of NS, allows showing information and executing actions for sites of FA manufacturing and works on Windows Vista, XP, or 7 including the Series of NSA.

The features of NS-Runtime
Below are the features of the NS-Runtime.

Other functions can be utilized at the same time.
The NS-Runtime is software that works on Windows Vista, XP, or 7. The NS-Runtime, consequently, can be utilized with other software of OMRON concurrently. Furthermore, software for example commercially accessible form applications and software produced by opperators and the NS-Runtime can be utilized at the same time. Specific applications can also be begun from the NS-Runtime.

Particular document file can be showed
A specified PDF file can be showed at the timing when an alarm happens or at a particular timing with the NS-Runtime. Thus, such as, a PDF file that tells the causes of alarm and countermeasures can be showed when an alarm happens. Moreover, because specific applications can be started up from the NS-Runtime, document data generated with those appliances and a project of NS-Runtime can be showed at the same time.

Specifications of NS-Runtime
The specifications of NS-Runtime are programmed below.
1. Screen size
NSA Series: 1024 x 768 dots max.
Other than NSA Series: 3840 x 2400 dots max.
2. The method of connection with host:
Ethernet /IP, Ethernet, Host Link, Toolbus and Controller Link
3. Version of project data
Versions 6.6 to 8.1 are supported.

• Communications with others PLCs OMRON are not supported.
• Techniques for linking to the Host, 1:N NT Links and 1:1 NT Link (High-Speed, Standard) are not supported.
• The NS-Runtime has utility fundamentally equal to that of NS-series PTs. There are a few differences, nevertheless, according to differences between the environment of PT and the NS-Runtime, with operating system.
• They suggest use the NS-Runtime with Ethernet.

Menu List of CX-Designer
The NS-Runtime has some pull-down menus that are diverse from Menus of CX-Designer. It is not explained here are the same as the existing menus of CX-Designer.

Reference of Item Function
• New project: makes new projects. The NS-Runtime and the NSA12/15-TX01 are extra. Choose the NS-Runtime when using the NS-Runtime in a setting other than Series of NSA.
• Print: Document Table Setting is attached to the Print Item Details.
• Security of Data Transfer: This menu cannot be used.
• Edit Menu: There is no amend in the Edit Menu.
• Find Menu: There is no adjust in the Find Menu.


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