Friday, September 23, 2011

Multiple PLC system compatibility of Mitsubishi PLC

The motion control and sequence control are integrated in one system of PLC. The control of high-speed by load distribution over multiple CPUs. The program memory total volume and devices extended by the additional CPU modules. The other CPU modules operations continue while one of the modules of CPU goes down.

A. Multiple PLC system outline
Multiple system of PLC is the system which allow a maximum of motion CPUs or 4 QCPUs (PLC CPUs) mounted on the main base unit to control the modules of I/O and modules of intelligent function. The CPU slots are allocated to PLC No. 1, 2, 3 and 4 in order from left to right to identify the QCPUs of loaded and CPUs motion in the system of multi PLC.
1. Motion CPUs are modules of CPU that are linked to amplifiers of Mitsubishi servo with SSCNET (which decreases wiring and give highly consistent links) in order to carry out motion control. This allows synchronous processes with the simple structuring and the servo motors of absolute position systems. The CPUs of motion will be launched soon.
2. The slot of CPU (slot on the right of the module of power supply) recognizes only the QCPU.

B. Features
• It is possible to integrate motion control and sequence control in one system of PLC. It is possible to choose the mainly appropriate module of CPU from the PLC CPUs (5 types) and CPUs of motion (2 types) in compliance with the size and the system use when systems structuring.
• The control of high-speed by separating the load brought concerning by control tact By isolating and separating modules of CPU for every control item, for example data processing and machine control, it is possible to allow the control of high-speed with no influencing data processing or another processes.
• The modules of CPU counts make it likely to increase the memory of program and the devices number. As it is not required to modify I/O numbers when adding modules of CPU, it is potential to increase memory program and the devices number with no having to adjust presented programs.
• It is possible to carry on operations with other modules of CPU even when a module of CPU goes down because the operations for another modules of CPU can be put with parameters when a module of CPU goes down, it is likely to keep the break to the whole system at a minimum when an error happens with a module of CPU.

However, PLC operations for No.2 to 4 will be delayed if PLC No.1, which manages the multiple system of PLC, goes down.


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