Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Features of High Performance Model QCPU Mitsubishi

Model QCPU with High Performance has the below new features:
1. Controllable multiple I/O points:
All model QCPUs with High Performance support of 4096 points as the actual I/O points number capable of receiving access to the module of I/O installed on the base unit. They also carry max 8192 points. X/YO to 1FFF as the I/O devices number which can be utilized in the stations of remote I/O for example remote I/O NET of MELSECNET/H, data link of CC-Link and data link of MELSECNET/MINI-S3.
2. Lineup according to program capacity:
The CPU module optimum for the capacity program to be utilized can be chosen.
3. Realized high speed processing:
According to the sequencer type, high speed processing has been realized. In addition, an access to the module of intelligent function or an increase in speed of the network link energize has been recognized by the connection system of the newly built base unit.
4. Enhance in efficiency of debugging throughout communication high speed with GX Developer.
A time required for writing or reading of a program or monitoring has been decreased throughout the communication high speed at a speed of max 115.2kbps.
5. I/O module of AnS series or modules of special function are available. For Q series, if an suitable module is not accessible, the I/O module of AnS series or module of special function can also be utilized for the model QCPU of High Performance through the use of the extension base unit of QA1S65B/QA1S68B.
6. Stored space by a decrease in size. The space of installation for Q series has been decreased by around 60 % of the space for AnS series.
7. Up to seven extension base units in connection.
a. The model QCPU of High Performance can attach to 7 extension base units and allow up to 64 modules.
b. The extension cables overall distance is up to 13.2m to make sure high degree of extension base unit understanding.
8. The model QCPU of High Performance is offered with an installation of memory card connector to which a 32 Mbyte max memory card can be linked, 32 Mbyte is accessible when a card VATA is used.

A large file capability can be controlled, commentary to all devices of data can be set up, and the programs in the earlier period can be saved in the memory because they are in the corrected histories form when a large capacity memory card is installed. If a card of memory is not installed, a program can be saved onto the ROM standard developed the module of CPU, and registers of file can be handled by the standard of RAM.


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