Monday, September 19, 2011

PLC Mitsubishi Ladder Monitor Restrictions from Pro-face Digital Electronics Corporation

1. Based on the edition, your tool of programming may not be capable to show ladder programs. See the Pro-face support site Otasuke Pro for the editions supporting tools of programming. See the manual of the linked device for the orders that you can observe.
2. To use this attribute, your Card CF has to have 100 MB or more of free space.
3. You can not interpret only the comment file when reading the ladder program.
4. Up to 24 lines are showed per circuit. The 25th line and after are not showed. If you identify a tool placed in the 25th line or subsequent to when looking for a device, the initial of the circuit where the tool is placed will be showed but the specific device itself will not be showed.
5. The flow of power is publicized by the contact or coil in bold, but the lines linking contacts to contacts do not adjust.
6. The time taken for a monitor imprison depends on the quality picture and monitor size. The size of file for a display quality of 80 will be around 200 KB and the capture will acquire about 5 to 6 seconds.
7. If you constantly contact the capture button, the monitors may not be confined correctly. Enable some time between images (snapshots).
8. The program band of ladder states password settings are not supported. When a password of [Stop Read/ Write] is utilized, interprets will cause an error of communication.
9. Use Cards CF produced by Pro-face (Digital Electronics Corporation). If using another CF Card, break may happen to the data of CF Card.
10. The A4U of SUB2 and SUB3 Series are not supported.

a. Error Messages Error: There is no Card CF in the GP
Messages Solution: Please check if the Card CF is inserted correctly.
b. Error Messages Error: It unsuccessful to read a file in the Card CF.
Messages Solution:
• Check if the Card CF is inserted correctly.
• It is probable that a cache does not present on the Card CF when the ladder program is set as CACHE. In this case, interpret the ladder program.

c. Error Messages Error: It failed to write down a file in the Card CF.
Messages Solution:
• Check if the Card CF is inserted correctly.
• Check if the Card CF has sufficient space.
• Check that the folders of PLCLDMON\MIT_ALNK or PLCLDMON\MIT_ACPU on the Card CF are not set to ReadOnly.

d. Error Messages Error: It failed to fill the Ladder Monitor.
Messages Solution:
• Check for break to the Card CF.
• Format the card CF to whichever FAT or FAT32, and attempt again.

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