Monday, September 19, 2011

DVP-PLC Series Features

Featrial Instructions
DVP-PLC is not only integrated serial communication port of RS-485 but also offers range instructions of Modbus with two modes, they are ASCII and RTU. The user only requires to fill up ID device, address of parameter and data for read or write into instruction with no understanding format of protocol and writing program of checksum. It also gives a lot of flags state, including time-out communication, data error transmission and transmitted data is receiving. Every condition in communication is in your hand and creates you end easily the communication program.

PLC Easy Link Function
DVP-PLC gives function of EASY LINK. At the correct form, you only require to write address of parameter and length into unique register with no program. The PLC master will auto replace data between each device, 16 words for read or write. The station is connecting Max. 16, not only for DVP-PLC, but also other electrical of DELTA and products of mechanical that has serial port of communication, for example AC servo and temperature, motor drive, etc.

Using function of PLC LINK, Max.N for every stage is 16 devices. If you require more than 16 devices. You need to implement multi-level network. You have to decide one device be master from the first stage, for example Master B at the correct figure, and use the COM 3 to attach to the first stage and use the COM 2 to attach to the new stage. The A and B master could be swap over data in the complete network.

Counter of High-speed
There are 4 to 6 points high-speed counter in all series of DVP-PLC. And the features as below:
1. Sets for value of counter achieved could be up to 4 to 8 sets.
2. Could set break off number when value of counter reached setting.
3. Could set Y contact to active directly, ON/OFF by value of counter reached setting.
4. Could reset value of high-speed counter directly by value of counter reached setting.
5. Give double frequency (1 to 4 times) mode of counting.

Requirement of Variety Interrupt Source
1. Offer 6 External points of interrupt.
2. Interrupt of timer.
3. Counter of high-speed accomplished interrupt.
4. Output of pulse start or end interrupt.
5. Precise communication receiving interrupt of word.

There is writer interrupt number to implement relative action with no effecting by scan time when pulse of high-speed output create or end. In the application of communication, received length of data is not permanent. You can utilize particular character to be the ending character and create number of correspondent interrupt to perform relative action.

Instructions of PID Control
DVP-PLC offers instruction of PID control for application of close loop control and it could be utilized recur in program. Read the speed of feedback from input of analog module and instruction of sub-speed (SV) and perform calculation PID with user-defined P,I and D to acquire the appropriate value of output control (MV).

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