Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ladder Monitor of GP Pro-face And PLC Mitsubishi

The ladder monitor is a attribute that interprets and watches the linked device, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation PLC A series, ladder programs on a display monitor. It checks the ladder programs online with no discontinuing other features. You can utilize the feature of ladder monitor to do the following:
• Check the connected device ladder program over the internet
• Shows the coil, contact, and output instruction in bold or color whilst they are strengthen
• Show the comments of I/O in the ladder program
• Identify and show the ladder program you desire to verify
• Show the ladder monitor concurrently with the alarm display
• Explore for a number of step or an address of device
• Store the preferred ladder program observation
• Detain and store the representation on a CF Card Print the preferred view of ladder program

Setup Procedure
1. Establish the CD-ROM of Ladder Monitor onto a PC installed with GP-Pro EX. Operate Setup.exe on the CD to start on the installer. Follow the instructions installer to install.
2. Install the file of startup on a Card CF.
a. Install a Card CF into the PC.
b. Run the installer by clicking on the file of Setup.exe on the CD-ROM of ladder monitor.
c. Choose the setting language.
d. The PLC Ladder Monitor Setup Program of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation A Series will launch. Input the key code and serial no. A window shows on time you to choose the location of installation. Set the root directory of Card CF as the install location.
e. The file of startup will be installed.
3. Build a file project. There are 4 methods to begin the Ladder Monitor. To set up the monitor with no using the menu system, you have to construct the settings for initial the Ladder Monitor in GP-Pro EX.
• Area LS
• System variables:
#H_LadderMonitor (no cache)
#H_LadderMonitorCache (with cache)
• Menu System
• Parts of Switch

The procedure of start up from switch parts
1. From the menu of [Parts (P)], identify [Switch Lamp (C)] and choose [Special Switch (P)]. Press and drag to put a switch is located on the display.
2. Double click the switch you put and in [Special Action] choose [Start screen switch]. In [Action], choose [Ladder Monitor (Cache)] or [Ladder Monitor].
i. Ladder Monitor interprets the ladder programs from the linked tool every time you press the switch. The ladder program that is being advanced is showed on the linked device but it may acquire time to interpret.
ii. Ladder Monitor interprets the ladder programs stored on the Card CF when you press the switch, decreasing the read time. To revise the ladder programs on the Card CF, in [Main Screen] on the GP, choose [Read].
3. Choose [Select Shape], [Color], [Label], and any other attributes you need and press OK.


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