Sunday, September 18, 2011

Programmable Controllers SYSMAC One NSJ Series

This Controller SYSMAC is one-package of one NSJ series is the only answer to the growing command for the panels of small control to store space in at the moment facilities of production.

• A programmable logic controller with HMI that recognizes both high reliance control and saving space.
• A Master of DeviceNet comes as I/O standard
• To use of a single cable of USB enables transmitting of both ladder programs and screen data.
• Models are also accessible with Ethernet as a feature Easy Access standard from a PC on Ethernet
• The panel sizes 5.7 to 12.1 inch are available
• Troubleshooter of PLC and Troubleshooter of DeviceNet come as a Feature Standard when an error happens, easily follow the instructions of on-screen to verify the details of error and rapidly realize countermeasures, with no referring to the manual
• Even control with a variety of I/O Units Special and Units of CPU Bus is probable with the Expansion Racks of CJ-series.

International Standards
• The standards designated in the Standards column are those recent for cUL, NK, UL, CSA, cULus, and EC Directives and Lloyd standards as of the end of January 2008. The standards are shortened as follows: UL: U1: U: UL, it is Class I Division 2 Product for Hazardous Locations, : CSA, cULus, UC1: UC: cULus, it is Class I Division 2 Product for Hazardous Locations,: N: NK, L: Lloyd, CE: EC, CU: cUL, Directives.
• Request your representatives of OMRON for the situations under which the standards are meet

Directives of EC
The EC Directives related to PLCs include the Directives of EMC. OMRON observes with these directives.

Directives of EMC
Applicable Standards EN61000-6-4; EN61000-6-2; EMI: EN61131-2; EMS: EN61131-2 PLCs are devices of electrical that are integrated in installations of machines and manufacturing. OMRON PLCs match to the associated standards of EMC so that the machines and devices into which they are built can more simply match to the standards of EMC. The actual PLCs have been tested to ensure compliance to the standards of EMC. Whether these standards are fulfilled for the actual system, nevertheless, have to be verified by the customer. The performance of EMS-related will differ depending on the wiring, configuration, and the equipment other conditions or panel control in which the PLC is set up. The customer has to, consequently, carry out last checks to verify that the overall device or machine complies to standards of EMC. Note: The applicable standards EMS is depending on the product.


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