Sunday, September 25, 2011

GX Developer Mitsubishi for Safety PLC

Below shows the GX Developer features of the supporting a safety PLC.
1. Functions of Security
The GX Developer’s key feature is that only the identified users can revise project data and run a safety PLC.
The following demonstrates the restricting and protecting data operations functions for.
(a) Login certification and User registration
(b) Access password of CPU
(c) Operation mode of Safety CPU
(d) Lock the operation
2. Project data consistency development
If the data of project stored in a PC have been spoiled, it is noticed when opening the data.
3. Reliability improvement in communications with a safety CPU
The purpose for detecting an error transmission in communications with a safety CPU is improved.
4. Effectiveness in the user program creation and maintenance
The effectiveness for the user program creation and maintenance has been improved by highlighting the devices of safety I/O on a ladder.
5. Operation/error logs display and save
The operation/error logs stored in a safety CPU can be interpret and presented. They can also be stored in a file of CSV.

A safety PLC executes the certification of login when opening a project for the function of avoiding illegal users from accessing illegally.
1. User registration
A system manager must identify the person in charge, and after that list the information of user needed for the certification of login with the project.
The below information is needed in user registration.
1) User name
2) Level of access
3) Password
Maximum 128 users can be listed with every project, and the authority of operation for every user is decided by the access level of user.
2. Certification of login
A user name and password are needed when opening a project. After key in them, certification of login is executed according to the set information of user registration. The accessible operations decided by the access level of user can be executed after login.
3. Access password of CPU
A safety CPU carries out certification of access by using a password to avoid the misconnected GX Developer from operating illegally. The password is submitted to a access password of CPU. The access password of CPU must be set to both the safety CPU and the GX Developer project. The access password of CPU of the project of GX Developer is evaluated with that of the safety CPU when doing the operation that changes control from the GX Developer. The operation will be permitted only when they are equal.


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