Sunday, September 25, 2011

SmartSlice: Intelligence at I/O Level from OMRON

High availability is totally critical to stay efficient in automated production. The systems of smart control that can assist your process stay up are always a valuable investment. Omron is constantly improving the flexibility, communications and intelligence of its tools while maintaining the reliability, scalability and backwards compatibility that have become characteristic its range of products features to help enlarge your efficiency.

SmartSlice of Omron is a system of modular remote I/O occupied of original, smart features, making it the majority intelligent and simple to use remote I/O system presently available. SmartSlice will permit you to minimize troubleshooting, engineering, and maintenance in your line or plant, machine, resulting in considerably decreased downtime.

Cost efficient operation
Easy configuration, fast installation, reduced wiring, efficient use space of cabinet and fixed diagnostics all combine to create a Omron’s key element SmartSlice cost efficient control solution. Moreover, its high modularity degree means it can be customized to meet your particular requirements; you install now the right quantity of I/O required for every application.

A Smart Platform integral component
The remote I/O of SmartSlice series was built up as a Omron’s Smart Platform part. Considered to create machine automation simple, Smart Platform offers seamless, incorporation of drag-and-drop of all automation components of in your machine. From HMI to drive, from sensor to controller, all tools are available throughout one link with a single software suite, CX-One. Furthermore, built-in circulated intelligence in devices of Omron means that you use less time troubleshooting and programming.

The concept of Smart Platform is developed approximately 3 key parts:
• A software for your total machine
• A connection to accomplish all your devices
• A minute to get what took you hours

Smart functions you can relay on
The data logging of maintenance minimizes downtime all I/O units of SmartSlice separately gather and save the information that will assist you arrangement device maintenance. Appropriate detection of decreased presentation will minimize accidental downtime and maintain machine performance reliable and fast. Every unit memorizes its last date of maintenance: personnel maintenance can verify per unit if there have been any repairs or substitutes. A expressive comment can be went into per nodule, per unit, even per point of I/O. This can assist you troubleshoot a device with no having to recognize programs or PLC-internal tag names. All communication that is necessary passes throughout multiple layers of network with no any particular PLC programming to meet or save the data.

The early warning system avoids breakdowns. Each SmartSlice unit contain its own fixed early-warning functions, enable you to plan maintenance and avoid breakdowns. Warnings comprise:
• Safe range of provide voltage out, e.g. because of poor connection or damaged cable.
• Preset interval of maintenance went above, that can be an interval of time or the operations target number, to specify that an assessment parts of electro mechanical is needed.
• Maximum permitted interruption between two I/O signals is went above, to specify that carry or require of lubrication is causing a machine to operate slower than intended.


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