Saturday, September 24, 2011

Differences functions the GX Developer with the Q Series Project Safety PLC

This article explains about the functions of GX Developer, except for the functions, added to/updated from the Basic project functions model QCPU
(1) The parameters differences
• Setting [PLC RAS] on parameter of PLC.
Check the consistency for setting time on setting of WDT and stable scanning. Setting time for stable scanning should not go beyond setting of WDT setting time. Stable scanning of WDT setting
• Setting [CC-Link] on Network parameter.
The value of default for Scan mode setting is Synchronous.
(2) The project menu differences
• Change of PLC type
The project for a safety PLC can not be modified its type of PLC. Moreover, the type of PLC of the project generated by other than a safety PLC can not be modified to the QSCPU.
• Ladder copy and paste
The ladder generated in a project of safety PLC can only be copied to and pasted in
• Project of safety PLC.
• Print

The below functions have been updated or added.
1. The print functions of Safety remote station settings and Safety setting have been added to Network param (CC-Link) and PLC Parameter correspondingly.
2. Print example of Safety setting
3. Print example of Safety remote station settings. The Safety remote station settings is being carried out under the settings on the screen.
4. Differences in the Online menu
(a) Monitor
The monitors show the information of "CPU A" or "CPU B" in a safety CPU chosen in the Monitor destination choose option screen.
• Monitor of Ladder
• Monitor of Device batch
• Monitor of Entry data
To confirm the information of CPU that is not showed, change the CPU to be checked in the Monitor destination choose alternative screen in advance.

(b) Test of device
The project can not be written to the memory of buffer when using a safety CPU.

(c) Operation of Remote
To carry out the remote RUN while the operation mode of safety CPU is set to mode of safety, create the following settings. Operation during RU" setting items
Signal flow: Hold
Device memory: Not cleared

(d) TC setting changing
Counter/timer setting values can not be modified more than 32.

(e) Processing exclusively when concurrently writing a program to a safety CPU from multiple GX Developers.
The following processing can not be concurrently carried out from multiple GX Developers for a safety CPU.
1) Write to PLC
2) Change online
3) TC setting change (When selecting "Currently open program + PLC program")
4) Write the memory of program to ROM
5) Change operation mode of safety CPU
6) Make title… (Write to screen of PLC)
7) Erase PLC data when other GX Developer is doing any of the above processing. Click the button of Yes or No after confirming the message.


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