Saturday, September 24, 2011

SmartSlice from OMRON: Intelligence at I/O level

More compacted than another modular system of I/O, with a height of only 80 mm, the SmartSlice gets up very little space in your cabinet control. There is no require for additional distribution of power rails with a 3-wire input connection; all field wiring, include power supply sensor, can be linked straightly to the units.

Consistent 3-piece construction
All modules of SmartSlice comprise 3-piece construction. Bus blocks of interlocking make the system backplane. The module of electronics and detachable terminal block plug into the backplane, allow you to:
• Replace modules of electronic while the structure of bus and field wiring wait intact. All other units of I/O carry on to run during hot-swapping.
• Remove terminals of I/O for maintenance, pre-wiring, or testing. All surfaces of contact between the connectors and module of electronics are gold-plated for 100% consistent connections.
• Electronics module of hot-swappable
• Bus block interlocking
• Universal terminal block 12-point
• Easy push-in wiring for quick installation

The terminal blocks of SmartSlice offer fast and reliable screwless clamp links. The design of push-in permits the terminated wires toolless insertion. Every individual link is equipped with a test point to assist connections verification during commissioning and troubleshooting. Every terminal block comprises a holder of pull-out label showing the unit terminal assignment.

The configuration method
Fast backup and restore
The settings of backup and recovery are vital to support fast maintenance and repair the machine with all the advanced and intelligence functions in the units of SmartSlice. These tasks are consequently also toolless in SmartSlice. All of the unit data I/O can be backed up in the unit of bus interface at the switch flick. Recovery is even easier; after the unit was hot-swapping, all of the settings are loaded automatically.

Easy to setup and maintain
It is no configuration is needed at all when used with DeviceNet Master Units of Omron. Ease to set a bus address and connect. Later than startup, the configuration of I/O can be saved with a particular switch to ensure any wrong change of unitsVis detected. The Profibus-DP configuration version is also simpler than you be expecting, setting up a station of SmartSlice will just take a few minute.

Existing systems integration in is not a problem
• The configuration conventional by GSD file is also supported. Both configuration tools of Profibus and DeviceNet are included
• The configuration of Omron unique all-in-one software suite for, Vin CX-One, monitoring and programming of a whole automation system, from HMI to PLC, from sensor to drive. Apparent communication routing build into devices of Omron ensure that you can achieve them all throughout a single connection. The preventive maintenance and status of device data are consequently always accessible.


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