Friday, September 30, 2011

GX Developer Mitsubishi for SFC Function

This article explains the monitoring and editing operations of the functions of SFC among the GX Developer functions. The below functions of SFC are GX Developer supported.
Compatible of CPU
CPU Compatible
• Controller of Motion
• A mode of Qn(H)CPU-A
If the series of CPU type differs, the functions and specifications are similar.
CPU Compatible
• Qn(H)CPU (Q mode)
If the series of CPU type differs, the functions and specifications are the identical.
3. FX series SFC
CPU Compatible
• FX2N, FX2NC, FX2, FX2C, FX1S, FX1N, FX1, FX0, FX0S, FX0N,
If the series of CPU type differs, the functions and specifications are the similar.

The GX Developer-supported SFC such as MELSAP II/MELSAP3/SFC for FX series, has the below features. SFC is one of the techniques that can be utilized for programming the series of QCPU (Q mode)/QnA, FX and A CPUs and it stands for Sequential Function Chart. This new language creates it simple to grab the system as an entire, and creates programming easier by clearly representing the sequence of operating machinery or equipment controlled by the CPU. In agreement to the case where a program corresponded to by ladders is completely performed every scan, only the minimum essential part of a program may be operated if it is written in the format of SFC.
1. A lot of useful functions of editing
a. The keys of function, menu bar, tool buttons, and so on get better operations of programming.
b. You can simply cut and paste your diagrams of SFC between two or more window.
2. A functions wealth of monitoring
a. Checking a diagram of SFC for the dynamic steps of a program SFC.
b. Checking a ladder diagram for the dynamic tools of transition conditions and operation outputs.
c. Showing all blocks list and batch-monitoring the dynamic states of the blocks.
d. Automatic scrolling allows the monitoring track of the dynamic step.
3. A lot of useful functions of test
a. Simplicity of forced ON/OFF and presenting value shifting of the specified tools
b. Forced start or stop and the specified blocks temporary stop
4. Printing options and comment editing
a. You can choose printing base on your application, such as diagram of SFC with transition conditions and operation outputs attached, with comments of SFC attached, or just the diagram itself.
b. Comments can be written to every step of every diagram of SFC.


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