Friday, September 30, 2011

OMRON Upgraded FA Communications

The requirement for faster communication of more and more information between PLCs and PCs is joined with the require for recurrent changes to specifications, for example allocations address in PLCs, a command for standardization of software to remove confidence on specific networks and applications, and a command for reductions of cost. In reaction to this demand, OMRON has finally repaired its Communications Software of FA under new first names. Data links are currently probable using Ethernet. Data links can flush be contacted via a port of LAN on a computer notebook. And Communications Software of FA can be utilized to contact PLC data with only tag names to allow more elastic and higher-speed admission of PLC data from PCs, and that lowers costs by reducing the requirement for a data links special board.

Positioning of Product
Gateway SYSMAC
The Gateway SYSMAC can be utilized as the driver of communications on most networks. It is the descendant to Fins Gateway and has innate all the functionality of FinsGateway. Gateway SYSMAC can be utilized as the driver of communications on most networks. It is the descendant to FinsGateway and has innate all the functionality of FinsGateway.
The software of CX-Compolet allows easily writing and reading PLC data with Visual C#.NET and Visual Basic.NET. It is the successor to Compolet SYSMAC.

Virtual PLC Memory and Communications Driver
Gateway SYSMAC offers a virtual memory and communications driver of OMRON PLC. The FA Communications Software of OMRON utilizes the Gateway SYSMAC middleware of communications as a universal policy.
• In calculation to communications of FINS, SYSMAC Gateway operation has been established on EtherNet/IP.
• Gateway SYSMAC attracts the variations in the physical layers of Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, RS-232C, USB, and Controller Link.
• Event memory of Virtual PLC is offered to allow a PC to contribute as a node of data link.
• Changes to memory can be noticed in applications at the PC.

CX-Compolet is a software components package that makes it simple to program writing and reading data of OMRON PLC.
■ Procedure
• Write and read I/O memory in the PLC, read error logs, change the mode of operating, and carry out other operations.
• Maintains Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2008.
• Can be utilized from Visual C#.NET and Visual Basic.NET.
• I/O memory in the PLC can be contacted with tag names rather than addresses for the CJ2 with EtherNet/IP functionality.
• Access an array variable is possible.


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