Thursday, September 29, 2011

System Configuration GX Developer for PLC Safety

This article describes the configuration of system when the GX Developer is linked to a safety CPU.
1. System configuration of safety PLC
2. relation with a safety of CPU
Only the connection of USB, directly linking a PLC with a PC, is achievable. The contact from other station throughout network is not possible.
a. CPU Compatible
Only the CPU of QS001 can be attached to the GX Developer.
b. Cable Connection
For cables of USB relating a PC with a safety CPU, pass on to the Operating Manual of GX Developer Version 8.
c. GX Developer Compatible
Utilize the GX Developer Ver 8.40S or later on.
Protection for the GX Developer Ver previously than the Compatible Version of Safety CPU
(1) Protection for deleting and saving a project
When using the GX Developer with earlier version than the compatible version of safety CPU (Ver 8.39R or previously), the certification of login to a project safety can not be executed to the operations. Consequently, pay attention not to misplace a safety project because of malfunctions.
[Relevant Operation]
• A safety project overwriting and after that saving it by using Save as.
• Deleting a project safety by using Delete project".
(2) Protection for opening the project
When using the GX Developer with earlier version than the compatible version of safety CPU (Ver 8.39R or previously), the project of safety can not be opened.

Protection for Management
1. Protection for data management project
Be convinced to study the Guide of Safety Application for right management or operation of project data. A manager of system must back up the project and store the data backup so that the restoration of data is always possible.
2. Protection for management password
A manager of system must control the user information recorded to a project with attention. If lose a CPU access password or login password, either of the following actions is needed.
a. Losing an access password of CPU
When an access password of CPU has been locate to a safety CPU, Write to PLC can not be executed except the same password is place to the project. Note that the access password of CPU that has been set to a CPU safety can not be amended. If losing an access password of CPU, initialize the CPU safety with PLC memory initialization and after that revise the project to the PLC.
b. Losing a password login
The project can not be opened.
If a manager by using system has missed the password, re-creating a project is necessary.
3. Protection for information management of ROM
A manager of system must record and save ROM information every time program memory is written to ROM. When the information of ROM in a CPU safety equal with the previously saved one, a system manager can critic that the data have not been updated.


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