Saturday, October 8, 2011

CIMON PLC Loader Program

Installation Requirements
The CICON installation of hardware specification recommended as below
• PC, Pentium with minimum 133Mhz CPU, at least 64MB RAM including the memory expansion.
• Serial port, More than one serial port is needed to operate functions of CICON to the maximum level, and create communication with port of PLC loader RS 485/422/232C.
• Ethernet, the port of Ethernet is needed to set up Ethernet connection between PLC and CICON.
• Hard disk, Minimum 13MB free space is needed to install all installation files of CICON and use CICION correctly.
• Mouse, to entirely use function of CICION, a Windows of Korea/English well-matched mouse is required that can be linked to the PC.
• OS, Korean version of Windows 98SE/2000/XP is suggested.

Method of Installation
• Download
Attach to the web site and download the newest program of CICION.
• Installation
1. Double click the file of installation.
2. Choose the language utilized for installation and press the button of [OK].
3. Press the button of [Next] when the then window shows.
4. Choose your location of favored installation on the window of Confirm Installation Director” and press the button of [Next (N)].
5. Choose the type of installation in the window of Installation Type and press the button of Next (N).
6. Choose the location of program registration and press the button of Next (N”. You will be capable to begin the program of CICON by choosing Start -> All Programs -> CIMON -> CICON, if you have chosen the settings of default installation.

Menu Composition File
• New [Project]: makes a new project.
• Open [Project]: loads the project that was already made.
• Close [Project]: finishes the working project.
• New [Program]: makes a new program.
• Open [Program]: loads the program that was already made.
• Close [Program]: finishes the working program.
• Save [Program]: stores the working program.
• Save As: Stores the working program with another name.
• Save All: Stores all programs fit in to the working project.
• Insert Program to project: puts in the program to the project.
• Remove Program from Project: removes the chosen from the project.
• Print: Prints out the program of working.
• Preview: illustrates the screen of print preview.
• Print Setup: adjust the printer setting and printer.
• Page Setup: modifies the printing page margins.
• Recent Files: displays the programs of list that were corrected/made newly. When you press the file, it will be performed.
• Recent Project: demonstrates the projects lists that were corrected/made currently. When you press the file, it will be carried out.
• Exit: ways out from the program.


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