Sunday, October 9, 2011

Difference between PLC and CNC and their functions

Many people frequently ask what the difference between PLC and CNC are. They’re wondering on how those items work relied on their functions while in the same time they look like similar each other. Abbreviated from Programmable Logic Controller, PLC basically isn’t similar even the same with Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Both of them are pretty different because they have their own roles and functions in the computerization thing. However, some people hardly to find their differences because they can be application purpose for the computer. Here, this article’s trying to give you further information about the difference between PLC and CNC so you don’t get confused anymore for applying both applications on your personal computer.

Difference between PLC and CNC for each function
When you’ve inquiry what the difference between PLC and CNC, you can analyze through several indicators, one of them is the function from both items. The PLC is well known as application which enables the users for making their own application. Through PLC, you don’t have to be anxious in creating application on the computer relied on your imaginations and ideas. Initially, its general function for logic controller but it subsequently has its own particular purpose for the computer. It potentially creates you a high quality for communicating and having multi axis control. Besides, selected function from the computer is also provided by this PLC so it can be regarded PLC has several functions completely. Through this way, you may have better understanding about difference between PLC and CNC because different functions performed by both PLC and CNC. Furthermore, this digital computer is focusing on its arrangement of multiple input and output while in the same time it’s applied to some processes, particularly electromechanical and automation things. Therefore, it’s obviously clear to see the difference between PLC and CNC.

Difference between PLC and CNC for each application
The difference between PLC and CNC can be seen also through their application. CNC especially is particular application which has its role for controlling multi axis that’s offered in machine equipment. This machine’s controlled by computer which uses numerical thing for its direction. Since it uses numerical data, some people say this is great machine to have for several reasons. They analyze CNC is able to produce something with huge numbers while in the same time the machine’s more flexible, accurate, and detail. For those who apply this machine, they don’t have to get involve of operator things since it can be applied by simpler way. Now, you’ve got deeper understanding about the difference between PLC and CNC.


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