Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Device Properties PLC Sharp JW

Put in your tool to the Serial Port, by choosing the Serial Port you have built up, then choose Add Device. Or, to change an available Device, choose Device Properties. The Page of Device Properties for a Serial Type Device shows.

Device Name
A tool is a Controller, VAV, PLC or other hardware automation or software unit. Device name is a User-allocated name that will show in the Project Manager/Configuration Tool and in runtime Displays of VIEW. Selecting a descriptive Name can assist technicians recognize your device location. Modifying only the Device Name will change the name of the existing device. Changing both the Unit Number and the Device Name will create a copy of the device for example create another device.

Unit Number
It is for Sharp JW, have to communicate to the Unit Number utilized in the addressing of protocol. If using the Port of MMI, since just point to point communications is supported through the port of MMI, the address of PLC is 1.
If with the two-wire Port of Communications, the Memory System #237 puts the Address of PLC: 001 to 077 (octal number).
The WebAccess would utilize addresses of decimal: 0 to 63 (decimal number). You can see the Settings PLC to decide real settings in the PLC.

Type of Device
The Type of Device is SharpJW.

Tags Configuration
Tag Analog
This instance is to organize a Tag that interprets an Input Analog (Register of Address 900)
1.Load Internet Explorer.
2.Link to Node of Project.
3.Begin the Configuration of WebAccess.
4.choose Project.
5.choose Node of SCADA.
6.choose the Device of Sharp JW10.
7.choose Add Tag.
8.Pull Down List Select Reg0 From Parameter. This will construct an Input Analog.
9.Optionally, choose ALARM from the pull down list of ALARM. Wait for the display to bring up to date with a highlight of PINK sorrounding alarm (an extra Fields of Alarm at base of display).
10.Key in a user Tag name can utilize to recognize this measurement of Analog Input. For instance, if it is a measurement Flow, key in Reg0.
11.Revise the Address to the real address. From the instance, key in: 09000
12.Key in a Description. This will assist to recognize this tag to Operators and Users. For instance, key in Steam Flow of Boiler #1.
13.Depress Submit.

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