Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Difference between PLC and Microprocessor for connecting each others

Please make sure that you’ll understand well about the difference between PLC and microprocessor so you’re able to decide what the best way you need to do with those kinds of automated digital machines. Basically, one thing you should consider about this difference is both programs. Program is applied in PLC is using graphical and numerical language since it’s produced by Ladder logic diagram. It’s obviously different with the microprocessor which doesn’t use graphical one. Besides, PLC uses digital and analog I/Os which provided by digital output as well as input for assisting people activities, but more heavy things. Since it’s used for industrial and machineries companies, it’s stronger than any microprocessor. For detail you can read this article for seeing the difference between PLC and microprocessor.

Difference between PLC and microprocessor
The difference between PLC and microprocessor is actually becoming something special for PLC since the microprocessor itself creates PLC. IN its function, microprocessor becomes a part of electronic tool which need memory, extra circuit, and firmware for applying it. Somehow, PLC applies microprocessor in its body for the sake of functioning in its industrial companies though microprocessor isn’t the main application for PLC. PLC remains to have its circuit diagram such as coil, counter, switch, numerical language, timer, and other things for making its function running well. Hence, that’s why difference between PLC and microprocessor can be seen clearly. However, it can be regarded microprocessor is an essential part of digital computer application since other digital computer can do nothing without microprocessor. Some people are addressing microprocessor as the brain of all the electronic tools. The way of PLC working process should be relied on its input and output in which PLC scans to the inputs and subsequently verify the outputs with logical program. After analyzing several points above, you now have better understanding on how to see the difference between PLC and microprocessor.

Difference between PLC and microprocessor
Be able to know the difference between PLC and microprocessor, you‘re able to see that microprocessor is within PLC. It implies both of them connect each other to create several purposes for people’s activities. Though, microprocessor is offering its function in pretty special function and it’s different with PLC which delivers its function to broader and greater ones. That’s why PLC can be used in heavy industrial equipment technically since it robust than microprocessor. When PLC can work well, it owes microprocessor, anyway, as PLC won’t be able to operate its function without assistantship from microprocessor which save and run all the things inside the program. So, it’s clear already about the difference between PLC and microprocessor.

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