Monday, October 17, 2011

Modular PLC series CQM1H

The original system of modular PLC for flexible machine control distributed control with the high-capacity, high-speed network of Controller Link. Apply Controller Link to automatically replace data between PLCs, and to keep up data and programs of all linked PLC's from a single PC. You can distribute data of operating between machines with no any programming, and integrate the machine productivity supervision, quality data and production progress.

Advanced inner boards allow flexible configuration of system
The Advanced Inner Boards can be additional to the Unit of CPU to react flexibly to the applications of every machine. Utilize of the Serial Communications Board, for instance, allows link with peripheral components, like barcode readers and temperature controllers that are prepared with serial ports. This type of flexibility allows you make systems that better match the scale and specifications of the equipment or machine being controlled.

Memory capacity and I/O points doubled to give an additional control margin
The capacity of I/O, capacity of program, and Data memory have been doubled over those of earlier models of CQM1. This offers you an additional control margin to meet the data processing load that attends the growing difficulty and moved forward functions of nowadays’s control systems, and guarantees you of capacity abundance for the I/O points of committed I/O Units for your appliances. Set up shared control with the Network Controller Link to transmit data simply between PLCs in the network.

Enlarged speed and capacity supply additional capacity for applications control
The capacity of program and I/O, and capacity of DM have been doubled measured up to the basis series of CQM1. A 16 Keyword of the Cassette of Memory can be set up to contain the program transfer and storage. Moreover, the times of execution have been decreased from 0.50 ms to 0.375 ms for fundamental instructions and from 23.5 ms to 17.7 ms for particular instructions (MOV). Generally, the cycle time has been decreased by around 25%.

Configuration of Flexible System
The CQM1H does not need a Backplane and is created by linking Units via a parallel connector bus at the side of every Unit, permitting flexible configuration system and the most capable use of space. The CPU Unit includes 16 points of built-in DC input. 2 Inner Boards can be increased in the Unit of CPU. One Unit of Controller Link and a joint maximum of eleven Units of the I/O can also be linked.


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