Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GWY-500 Operations for PLC

GWY-500 is a Data sharer or Protocol Converter for devices like Inverters, Controllers, PLCs, etc. The GWY-500 has a serial port that joins to a port of Profibus-DP and a serial device that joins to Profibus network. Gateway lets serial devices to perform as a slave on a network of Profibus. It also permits Profibus Master PLCs to perform as a serial device such as Modbus Salve or Modbus Master. The Windows based Gateway setup software creates it simple to construct the converter of protocol. After selecting which protocol to be utilized for every port, you can program the Gateway to relocate the blocks of data. You can easily program the Gateway to get a particular number of bits or registers from a device and transmit them to the other with a simple spreadsheet format. The great software lets you to have all the information transmits done constantly or permits the PLC to manage which data blocks are to be transmitted.

Programming software is general for the whole family of Gateway. The System requirements of Gateway Setup Software are:
•Version of Windows : 9x/NT/2000/XP
•The Space of Hard disk : minimum 5 MB
•RAM : at least16 MB
•Resolution of Display : at least VGA of 800 X 600
•Colors of Display: minimum color 16 bit

Other Accessories needed for the configuration of GWY-500 and to utilize in real application:
1.Connecting Cable or Gateway Configuration.
2.Setup Software of Gateway.
3.Devices with cables of communication.

Ports of Communication
•Data Line: The user group of Profibus suggests the following coding of color for the lines of data signal: “A-Data Line = Green B-Data Line = Red”. These lines of data signal have to be linked to the related signal pins or terminals at the master unit and other stations.
•RTS: The RTS signal is intended for the way control of repeaters in case repeaters with no capability of self control are utilized.
•Data Ground, +5V DC: The signals Data Ground and +5V DC are intended to an external power mounted to terminator of bus. The 220 termination resistor powering ensures a described inactive state potential on the lines of data. To make sure correct functioning up to the highest baud rate, every segment of bus must be finished at the cable both ends.
•PLCs supported: The GWY-500 now supports Master of Modbus RTU, Slave of Modbus RTU, Toshiba Link Port of T1, T2, T3 PLCs and Toshiba S11 Invertermprotocol. It can also support a lot of main PLC protocols brand such as, LG, Siemens, Schneider, Allen Bradley, Omron, GE, etc.

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