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Flexible configuration system puts in value to control of machine. A high-performance modular PLC for distributed or stand alone control. The CQM1H allows you add value throughout bigger power in response to raise requires for higher speeds and more functions advanced in control of machine. This dense PLC possesses a long leading-edge functions list, including shared control compatibility, flexible Inner Boards for simple, add-on expandability, enlarged program and capacity of DM, and an capable, Windows-based environment of development. Allow the CQM1H help you begin building machines that simply beat the competition.

CPU Units
•Four CPU Unit models are available,
•Power Supply Units Memory Cassettes (Optional),
•Controller Link Unit (CLU).
Two of them support a CLU and Inner Boards. You can choose the Unit of CPU that top outfits your application along with capacity o f program, capacity of I/O, memory size, and communication functions of RS-232C port. Both Power Supply Units of DC and AC are available. The Power Supply Units of AC need a power supply input in the range 100-240 V AC and two models are prepared with a power supply output of 24-V DC.

The left End Cover of CQM1H's is element of the Power Supply Unit. The Cassettes of Memory are exist with EEPROM, EPROM, and flash memory. Store the data on the Cassette of Memory to prevent losing program or data of DM in the careless programming/monitoring operations or event of battery expiration. The data and program can be transmitted between the RAM of CPU Unit and the Cassette of Memory.

Built-in clock
Time and date information can be utilized in the program when a Cassette of Memory with a built in clock is installed. Join a CLU to the CQM1H to incorporate it into a Controller Link Network. Great quantities of data can be transmitted flexibly and simply with PCs, as well as with other PLCs of C200H, CJ1, CS1, and CV-series.

The CQM1H-CPU61 and CQM1H-CPU51 support CLU.
•Control Unit of CQM1H-IC101 I/O
•Interface Unit of CQM1H-II101 I/O
•Analog Output Unit of CQM1-DA022
It executes conversion digital-to analog for 2 outputs.
•CQM1-SRM21-V1 Compo Bus/S Master Unit
The Remote I/O Master Unit high-speed that controls up to 128 I/O units points.
•Temperature Control Units
A Unit can accept data from 2 or 4 temperature sensors and performs advanced control of PID.
•CQM1H-AD042 of Analog Intput Unit
It receives four current inputs or analog voltage into the CQM1H.
•CQM1-DRT21 of DeviceNet I/O Link Unit
It runs as a DeviceNet slave to set up an I/O link of 32 I/O points with a Master of DeviceNet.


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