Sunday, October 16, 2011

MAXIM the Maker of PLC ICs

The Programmable logic controllers or PLCs have been an important part of automation factory and process control industry for decades. PLCs manage a large applications array from simple functions of lighting to the systems environment to the plants of chemical processing. These systems carry out a lot of functions, offering various digital and analog input and output interfaces; conversion data; processing signal; and a variety of communication protocols. All of the components of PLC and functions are centralized around the controller, which is planned for a particular task.

The basic module of PLC has to be adequately configurable and flexible to meet the different requirements of different applications and factories. Input stimulus is established from sensors, machines, or process events in the voltage or current form. The PLC has to precisely interpret and translate the stimulus for the CPU which, in turn, describes an instruction set to the systems output that control actuators on the floor of factory or in other industrial environment. Modern PLCs were launched in the 1960s, and for decades the universal function and path flow of signal changed little. Nevertheless, twenty-first century process control is locating new and tougher orders on a PLC: smaller form factor, advanced performance, and better functional flexibility.

There have to be built-in protection against the potentially damaging radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI), electrostatic discharge (ESD), and transient pulses of high-amplitude found in the callous industrial location.

Robust design
The Programmable logic controllers are supposed to work perfectly for years in industrial environments that are dangerous to the very microelectronic components that provide modern PLCs their outstanding precision and flexibility. Company with mixed signal IC understands this for instance Maxim. Since their beginning, they have led the industry with excellent product reliability and inventive advances to guard high-performance electronics from actual environmental hazards, including ESD high levels, EMI/RFI, and large transient voltage swings.

Advanced integration
The Programmable logic controllers have from 4 to 100s channels of input/output (I/O) in a large variety of so size, form factors and power can be as vital as system reliability and accuracy. Maxim goes ahead in the integrating industry of the right features into ICs, thus decreasing the overall footprint system and power orders and creation designs more compacted. Maxim has 100s of high-precision and low-power IC’s in the smallest existing footprints, so the designer The Programmable logic controllers system can make accuracy products that meet firm power and space specifications.

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