Sunday, October 16, 2011

Panasonic PLC F0 Series Advance Features

Panasonic Electric Works launched "SLIM" PLC for the latest Panasonic PLC FP0 series. Panasonic has grown into a giant electronic manufacturer, that’s providing the cutting edge electronic appliance, both for household purpose, or industry purpose. This method is applied as well for the PLC FP0 series that their launched recently. The FP0 saves money and wanted panel space. Relay output characters have removable screw terminal blocks. This new Panasonic PLC also features new thermocouple junction input units, the FP0 may easily and precisely control temperature as controlling I/O, 16 Auto Tuning loops that can run simultaneously, power supply connector which is also easily to install - especially when duplicating numerous systems, and fast to disconnect, these features will help a lot in saving valuable human resource tolls.

Panasonic PLC REAL Temperature Control Feature
Panasonic PLC’s offers wide range of features, and the most valuable feature of all is the temperature control feature. PID of up to 16 loops and auto tuning are assembled into the F0 series. This PLC also uses floating point math of its PID calculation that's more precise than a whole number PID. With a new thermocouple junction input units, the FP0 may easily as well as precisely control the temperature as controlling I/O. Panasonic PLC F0 series PID values should be easy calculated on the auto tuning feature that's attached to it. It also features equal to 16 Auto Tuning loops that can run simultaneously. The I-PD algorithmic rule is also available to offer more fluent control of sensitive applications. Panasonic PLC FP0 series is also expandable to 3 expansion unit on the right side of the CPU.

Panasonic 2 Axes Motion Control Feature
The Panasonic PLC FP0 series has co-occurring two axis trapezoidal motion control. Its programming is rather simple. All you need to do is to adjust it the acceleration time, low speed, and high speed. Target position and you're set to do motion control. You are able to control up to 9.5 KHz in total, and also make the best of the different FPWIN Pro program library with a lot of functions and function blocks. These clich├ęd programs can be reused and saved time, as well as assisting you to shorten the time required developing application program drastically, which therefore will save valuable human resource tolls. The Panasonic PLC FP0 series programmable logic ranges of the controller library, and make simple the programming of closed-loop system controlled electrical installations.


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