Thursday, October 13, 2011

Programming CIMON PLC Loader Program

The lamp of Y0010 flickers when the input switch of X0000 is depressed. Switching on and off are recurring. If the switch X0000 is pushed while the lamp is on, the lamp will be switched off. On the opposing, the lamp will be switched on if the switch X0000 is depressed while the lamp is switched off.

Creating Project and Program
Creating a project
• Press the sub-menu of New Project under the menu of File.
• Key in the Project Name and choose the Type of CPU to use. If the wrong type of CPU is specific, online link can not be created. Thus, ensure to choose the correct type of CPU.
• Key in the Description or User if it is required.
• Depress the button of [Password] to create the password. If you create the password, you will be encouraged to key in the password when you open the project. You can amend the information for example program description, CPU type, password, and composer, after recording the project by choosing the sub-menu of Project Properties under the menu of File.

A new program registering
The project name showed on the Project Window will be adjusted to the registered one if you register a new project.
• Choose Program in the Project Window and press the right button of mouse and then, choose the popup menu of New Program.
• Choose Scan Program and key in the name of program. If some programs are registered in the project, programs will be performed by the smaller Program ID order,
For Run Edit assigns space for adjustment while operating the program.

Writing Scan Program
The menu bar description
Select: chooses the projected contact or control in the program of LD.
Delete: removes the chosen command or contact.
Horizontal line: illustrates a line horizontally at the chosen position.
Vertical line: illustrates a line vertically at the chosen position.
Not: reverses the previous paragraph result.
Contact a: puts in a contact “a”.
Contact b: puts in a contact “b”.
Rising pulse contact: puts in a contact that is switched on during scanning, if the specified device status is modified from Off to On.
Declining pulse contact: puts in a contact that is switched on during scanning, if the specified device status is amended from On to Off.


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