Friday, October 14, 2011

Servo Drive Solutions from Baldor PLC

Baldor provides a large choice of charge effective and simple to use servo drives. Whether your requires call for speed or torque control, a completely programmable single axis positioned/drive, or preset point-to-point moves, then Baldor has the solution. A servo motors range, the controllers of multi-axis motion and linear motors match the series and gives you a whole solution of automation.

The servo drives of Baldor have been considered for easiness of utilize the flash you get out of the box. Begin the accompanying program Windows-based, the wizard and Mint WorkBench will get you throughout, step by step, all of the steps of commissioning required to get the motor moving. Basically choose your Baldor linear or rotary model number catalog from the database and respond some easy application questions.

Full auto-tune of velocity, current, and position loops will acquire you up and running rapidly, bringing optimum performance. Auto-tuning will still test that the cables of motor have been properly wired and the feedback is in the proper orientation. Versatility and Flexibility servo drives of Baldor provide the greatest in versatility and flexibility whether the function requires a simple driver of servo or a more sophisticated programmable drive or indexer. The drives of FlexDrive-II and MicroFlex offer control of velocity or torque for interfacing direct to a PLC or external motion controller.

If your request calls for moves of point-to-point after that the Flex+Drive-II resolve this. The speeds or preset position can be programmed from an simple to utilize the configuration tool of table. The Flex+Drive-II is more than a easy indexer, it is also completely programmable in motion programming of Baldor language Mint. This lets you to contract with more complex situations with no having to rely on external logic for example a PLC. If the application orders more complicated move types for example flying shears, or electronic cams after that Baldor's award pleasing MintDrive-II will handle this with no difficulty. MintDrive-II integrates the flexibility and a motion controller power and drive in the one box. Programmable in MintDrive-II, multitasking Mint, allocates a lot of of the Baldor's NextMove attributes of range with multi-axis controllers of motion. The networking of peer-to peer is supported on MintDrive-II with its optional interface of CANopen. The MintDrive-II can correspond with the range of Baldor's of the motion controllers of Flex+Drive-II and NextMove to offer a whole system of distributed control.


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