Sunday, October 30, 2011

System Configuration S2E S2T Toshiba PLC

The configurations of S2E/S2T are accessible from a very simple 3 slot system of I/O to a great local system with some networking options.
Basic System:
The simplest configuration contains of a S2E/S2T CPU, power supply, and any combination network modules or 3 I/O.
Integrated System:
A completely incorporated system comprises of an S2T CPU, a power supply, a module of computer, and any combination network modules or 6 I/O.
Expansion System:
A maximum system contains of 3 expansion racks and a main rack. Every rack can contain up to 8 modules of I/O. Expansion racks can also recognize modules of network. Additionally to expansion racks of V-Series, expansion racks of T2 Series can also be linked to the central rack. expansion racks of A V-Series and T2 Series combination is feasible.
• A module of power supply is required in each rack.
• The cables of expansion are offered as follow: 30, 50, 70 cm, 1.5 m . Max length = 4.5m.

Components System
A characteristic system of S2E/S2T contains of a base rack with modules assembled on the rack. From right to left modules are: I/O modules, CPU, Power Supply, and Expansion Interface. If the rack supports the station bus, afterward a module computer or higher level module of network can be assembleded following the module of CPU.

Module of Computer
Toshiba Corporation well known for jagged laptop, computers, also has modules of computer for its product line automation. The module of C2 is a Pentium III air cooled, designed of fan-less computer for insensitive industrial and process environments.
All components characteristically establish on a computer are placed on the front of the C2 module of computer. The hard disk in the module of C2 or PU37 is removable. Huge amounts of data can be saved and simply detached from the computer at a more suitable time. It also allows simple replacement of the component of computer most possible to familiarity an operational problem. Company departments of MIS/IT can easily duplicate a hard disk so that a backup is present for vital applications.

Card Slots of PCMPCA
Data is substituted between the S2T module and the C2 module via the station bus. The S2T can gather data from the modules of I/O and send it to the module of C2. The module of C2 can carry out any type of; diagnostic/statistical analysis, complex calculations, or manipulation of data, then pass the result back to the module of S2T for action. The module of C2 can also work any HMI or SCADA program that is frequently times run on an outside PC.


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