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Unitronics Programmable Logic Controller Products

Unitronics Programmable Logic Controller is a computer-based electronic product that can be use to serve for control, management and automation of electromechanical processes operation, production line and other applications using automation in many industries. Since 1989, Unitronics become a leading company with International presence. This company has 3 principal activity field that are implemented on 3 business divisions, Automated Logistics Systems, Automated Parking Solutions, and Automation Products. By their Automation Products divisions, Unitronics engaged in the development, production, design, sales, support and marketing of their industrial electronic products, primarily Programmable Logic Controller s. Unitronics automation products are projected to create simple automation, efficient, simple as well as cost-effective. If you're curious about Unitronics Programmable Logic Controllers, learn more about it in this article.

Unitronics Programmable Logic Controller Latest Products
Here are some of Unitronics Programmable Logic Controller products;
1.Vision1210, This Unitronics Programmable Logic Controller is a good equip for the food industry. This unit is ideal for spray/wipe down applications. A full variety of on board I/O alternatives could be added by merely snatching a module to the back of the PLC.
2.Vision 1040, such as other Vision series members, supports high speed, digital, and analog I/Os, as well as inputs for direct temperature measurement thru snap-in and remote I/O modules. Unitronics also provide free software called VisiLogic which provides a user-friendly hardware configuration environment, HMI design, including modular Ladder application development.
3.Vision 350, over the surface is a fully functioning HMI that features a 3.5" color touch screen display, and capable of 3MB application memory for images, and 512K for fonts, providing about 250 images as well as 1024 displays for each application. 5 programmable keys let customization of layout and function. Unitronics Programmable Logic Controller raised programming characteristics include trending, easy HMI language support, and built-in alarm screens.

Unitronics Programmable Logic Controller Advantages
Unitronics Programmable Logic Controller products have various built-in advantages. Unitronics PLCs have advanced communication option, auto-tune PID control, data logging and recipes, variety of expandable and onboard I/O, free programming software and free remote access. Aside of build-in advantages, Unitronics Programmable Logic Controller also have reduced programming, which is a single programming environment, less space required, less wiring, reduce hardware, save I/O points, and also built-in Panel PLC communication. Unitronics Programmable Logic Controllers products are commonly used for various industries such as, OEM specialty machines, packaging, energy and environment, food, furnaces, petrochemical, boilers and ovens, textile and plastic, as well as any other needed automated processes.


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